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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Karen Noe

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Karen Noe is from New Jersey


Carol Cooper:

There are not enough words in my vocabulary to express how I feel about Karen Noe, and the positive impact she has made in life. After losing my only child to one bad mistake in life, Karen was kind enough to give me a reading ,where she validated things I could never believe I would hear from anyone other than my son. Being a total non believer in the afterlife, I can honestly say, after a short time with Karen, I was so much more convinced that there must be something else out there. She not only helped me to open my heart spiritually , but at the same time, she saved my life. I was in a very dark place, and suicide was a thought consumed me. I am now the founder of my nonprofit organization, where I honor my son Brian and keep his legacy alive by helping others who still have a chance in life. I owe this all to one amazing woman, Karen Noe, who is truly my angel sent from heaven above.

Mary Gabes:

I have been a member of Helping Parents Heal for about a year now. My handsome son passed in May 2019. I was so thrilled to see Karen Noe listed as a speaker for HPH! I have known Karen for many years, and am happy to see her affiliated with our group. She is a wonderful person! Karen very kind and sincere, and she is a gifted evidential medium. She helped us heal when my mother-in-law passed, and when we were devastated at the loss of our beloved Michael. Her connection with our son was very specific and filled with messages and information which was later confirmed. Her powerful sessions with us helped us move ahead and forward through our grief. So often I have wished I could recommend Karen to grieving parents on our page, but her waiting list is extensive. At least one can read her books and be comforted by her written words. Sincerely, Mary Gabes

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