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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Lauren Startt

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Lauren Startt is from Annapolis


Anal Shah:

I had a reading with Lauren Startt on 3rd July, 2018. My sons 1st death anniversary had just past by on 27th June, 2018. Lauren was so bang accurate and loving…. My husband and I were crying tears of happiness…

She talked of my son, his love for football and that he kept her awake whole night showing soccer fields…. That was so much like him!!
She talked of mom constantly apologizing for not being able to save him. That was so very true!!! I had formed this habit of telling him sorry numerous times in a day… He told her to tell mom not to apologize and that she did her best. He was here to get all her love which few others can even dream of….

She talked of his anniversary that just passed, how he was honored and how he is so proud of us…

Within 30 minutes we had a out of this world experience with Lauren. And we could not even see each other due to poor network connection but the soul connection was beyond awesome.


I am super excited to have the opportunity to brag about Lauren startT. She was literally on fire – throwing out such wonderful validations. At first, she briefed me on the process and then she blurted out, your daughter, and on it went from there. I had just been in the washroom and was saying my daughter’s message that she had on her cell phone out loud. Immediately Lauren asked if I had been listening to the recording, and on it went, yes, I had been going through pictures and was wearing her ring and a specialized heart necklace. She spoke of lacrosse and how important it was in her life & her scholarships. She brought in a few other family members to reassure me my daughter was not alone and wanted us to remember her beautiful smile and that infectious precious giggle. I got an apology from a family member that shocked me! I could hardly keep up with the validations and later had that duh moment. She spoke of some sparkly wings which let me know I had not been alone on a trip. I cannot explain the peace and comfort that Lauren brought me! Wow, was she so bang on & so easy going – she even let me ask questions at the end. My daughter was with US NO DOUBT – It was such a wonderful generous reading! I recommend Lauren from the bottom of my heart – as does my sweet girl in heaven! LAUREN is very endearing – I know that made a HUGE difference in the whole trifecta – mom, daughter and AMAZING Medium – Lauren STARTT! ONCE AGAIN, Lauren, thank you sincerely for your generosity and sharing your amazing gift so that I could feel my amazing gift – my angel precious daughter! I was left floating and smiling with pride!! BELIEVE!!

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