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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Mark Anthony is from Los Angeles, CA


Sherry Terry:

Good morning, I felt I needed to send this after my reading on Monday.  It was awesome.  The reason I feel the need is that the last “evidentiary” thing he said to me was about “gray flannel wrapped in a red bow tied like a shoe string”.I didn’t know what it was then, but I do now!  It was right in front of my face!  My son gave me gray flannel slippers as a gift for Christmas one year and they were RIGHT THERE on the floor in front of me!  Also, couldn’t figure out the “4 leaf Clover” reference that was mentioned a couple times, but figured out that a former colleague of mine wears a 4 leaf clover necklace containing her sons ashes—and his name is Patrick.  I’ve reached out to her because I feel this is a sign that her son wants to contact her.
Thank you so much for the inspirational session and God bless!

Patricia Rockaway Trifilio:

Thank you so much for the reading today. I am sure Michael sent me to you, I pulled into Barnes and Noble, there I came across your books and bought them both, I was not drawn to any others, I am fully aware of all of them as I have studied the subject for over 25 years. I had not been familiar with you prior to the book store visit. I read the first one and googled you and made the appt. and then read the other. I will look for more as you write them. You have a certain honesty in your writing that is very comforting. You were right, as I thought and thought about the reading today many "dots" were connected that I had forgotten. My husband, who is a doubter, was astonished by the message from his Mom. I wanted you to know how important it was to me. My son died 11/11/16. (22 years old) That boy was the beat of my heart, my only child. We were very close. Michael was an addict and for 7 years I supported him while he fought that battle. I will always be his mother and just had to know he was OK. I needed to know he was in the light. I will never get over his loss, but I have peace, I know my beautiful son is in the hands of God and safe. You may or may not understand how important that is to me and how grateful I am to you for that. I gave you a glowing recommendation on a website of better than 2000 grieving parents and will continue to bring you up now and again. I wish you and yours all the best and thank you again from the very bottom of my broken heart.

Michael Blaha:

Hi, Mark: My wife Sue and I had a phone reading with you last Thur. Thank you again for connecting with our daughter - you have no idea how important that is to us. As always, you were specifically correct on a large number of messages. It is truly amazing what you can do. Not only do you have a gift, but you are a good person. Again, thank you for letting us hear from our little girl.

Stephanie Pickett:

Mark-Thank you for the reading. My daughter came through telling me to have hope and to love... and that nothing could have stopped her death. I believe all of this and have had many episodes of connection; lights, songs on radio, words coming through other people, etc. Our post-traumatic stress doctor talked too about quantum physics and frequencies; helping us heal with watching fires, walking in nature and being by the ocean. She was only 15-lived a pure life full of joy and love for Jesus. Thank you for giving people hope and healing through your gift. ps. I'm Italian and Catholic-the prayer of St. Francis resonates with me-I also teach 2nd grade at a faith-based school. I love how you open the evening with by joining people in prayer- very powerful and authentic.

Rose Curatolo:

I saw Mark Anthony when he was a guest on the Helping Parents Heal Zoom meeting and did a reading for me where he connected me with my son.

Prior to this reading I watched his previous presentation to Helping Parents Heal and I enjoyed his factual and scientific explanation re: energy is neither created nor destroyed, it transforms. And what he said about molecules, atoms, electrons, electromagnetic energy, quanta etc…I took many notes. I love his presentations because I am a skeptic and the more scientific evidence and facts and I like the way he presents them makes more than logical sense to me.

My son was the Italian guy you said looked similar to movie star Anthony Perkins…I confirmed that’s what he looked like when I held up his photo.

Everything he read about my son was so Real and accurate. I didn’t get a chance to say just one more very Important thing about a very specific fact that came through. He mentioned the name “Sparky” relating to a dog. I could not remember in that moment but about 5 minutes later, I recalled that “Sparky” is the name of my son’s stuffed DOG which he had since he was a baby. He kept it all his life until he was grown up and took it everywhere even to college and grad school. I now have it on my bed and sleep with it along with my son’s woolen beanie on it. I think I didn’t remember this because I was trying to remember a “Real” dog! But then I remembered Sparky and a few minutes had gone by and you were doing another reading. I remember that he explained “the unfolding of information” which occurs after the reading. This is a good example of that. I was so excited! He was so accurate with that reading! Sparky, a dog but a stuffed dog/toy!!!

There are many other facts Mark brought up with synchronicities that had occurred recently, such as John Lennon handing me popcorn, etc., and that also hit me later and I told my husband, “Wait, what!? Did he say that John Lennon was there with Nick and there with me as well and the two of them together (in my living room!?) and both being silly and funny and handed me the popcorn!!? Huh!? John Lennon looking at me and joking about the popcorn with Nick!? Well there are synchronicities, as I mentioned regarding John Lennon, among many other pretty recent ones. Also what about the two very accurate readings in a row! (John Holland also gave Rose a reading the night before)

Plus another one is: Nick manipulating the San Diego Union Tribune to start a certain article with a big red “R” to begin my name! The person being interviewed wasn’t expecting my name to be in the article! Also Suzanne Giesemann called me about 3 days ago via a sort of “glitch” in her messages and mine! That’s another story! There are many of those! Thank you so much for this reading!!! I know my son is here. 

Doryce Norwood:

On July 29, 2020, my girls (daughter Wendy and 10 year old granddaughter Haley) came through a reading with Mark Anthony, the Psychic Attorney. I almost missed the live video but somehow found it extremely important to be home on time for the call. Usually I miss the actual event and watch the videos after they have occurred.

I cannot say why, but unlike most events, I felt somewhat confident that I would hear from Wendy and Haley that evening. Mark Anthony ("Mark") began with a message that a young female energy was coming through. He said this girl had died suddenly due to what he believed was a crash rather than an illness. Both Wendy and Haley were killed by a drunk driver in the Spring of 2004. Fortunately, my son-in-law Thomas and 8 year old grandson survived the crash. I was starting to get very excited that the message Mark was hearing was for me.  

Over a decade ago, I attended a meeting in Carefree, AZ with about 30 or so people. I did not know then how important that February day in 2010 was going to be monumental. Leading that group was Elizabeth Boisson and Mark Ireland, co-founders of what would later become Helping Parents Heal. I instantly knew that I had found a safe and comforting place. As I reflect upon it now so many years later, obviously it was our children in spirit that wanted us to meet and help one another heal. Our kids knew firsthand how vitally important being with other like-minded parents would be to our personal healing.

Mark asked me what the number 16 meant to me. Haley was 10 at the time of her death and Wendy 37 so I was not connecting with that number. [I was reminded later, however, that it has been 16 years since their passing.....hence the importance of the number 16].  Not letting me dismiss those numbers, Mark continued to probe saying he strongly believed the number one and number six were significant. I then realized that Haley's birthday is January 6th (1/6). As many of you know, when these messages come through  from our children, it is very common to get flustered. Connections are more easily identified after the reading itself. Thankfully the videos are made available to us on YouTube.

Being an attorney myself like Mark, he pressed me on the fact I was very organized. Although at the time my response to him was I am not as organized as I would wish to be, I later remembered during the reading that I had just finished the task of sorting and categorizing no less than 50 boxes that contained "important" memories and mementos.

Another thing I did not remember at the time of the reading was something important about France. Although my family had visited France in the past which was my answer to Mark, what I failed to remember that Haley as a talented young ballet dancer, her dream was to go to France with her dance studio teacher. 

Mark told me that my girls were very proud of my ability not only to move on in my grief but also to help others in their own personal journeys. It is so rewarding to know that my girls are aware of and appreciate my 14 year affiliation with MADD as a support group facilitator along with other organizations, such as my position as a Board member of HPH, whose goals of both are to comfort the bereaved worldwide. 

There were numerous other messages that supported the fact both Wendy and Haley were being heard by Mark. For example, he mentioned that I have a "shrine" of some sort which is absolutely true. My lighted china cabinet is full of items that represent our family's love for our girls. He said Wendy likes my shrine. We always light an extra candle when celebrating birthdays as the flicker of  being representative of our girls spiritual presence....I keep those burnt out candles in the shrine.

Mark also mentioned that I liked magnets. Although like many travelers, I often buy refrigerator magnets from places we have been unfortunately they most often end up in one of those "organized" boxes mentioned earlier. As I reflected on the reading, I believe now the reference to magnets is regarding the fact I often find pennies in very strange places and not easily seen. I believe my girls are drawing me to the locations of such a magnet. A couple worth mentioning was a U.S. penny found on a street near the Vatican or a penny stuck deep into the baseboard of a backstage dressing room [which just happened to be 1994, the year my beautiful Haley was born!] 

For now I will just smile at the luxury of having my girls leave messages for me and continue to determine what the reference to Renault is supposed to mean.

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