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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Mark Nelson

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Mark Nelson is from North Carolina


Anne Puryear:

We’ve invited Mark to speak at the Logos Center several times and also scheduled personal readings for him. His schedule filling so quickly we had to create a wait list. People shared wonderful feedback regarding his helpfulness and accuracy. We also presented at a conference with him in 2011 and the response was excellent, so we invited him to present at the 2012 International Conference on After Death Communication. The feedback there was better still. We then co-hosted a radio show with him and he gave messages to people who called in, which were caring and accurate.

Nita Erickson:

We had a phone reading with Mark and it was amazing. He brought through our son Kyle and mentioned him being in the Army. He also said that there was a watch that my husband, Glenn had given to him to take to Iraq. I had forgotten about this and was shaking my head ‘no’ but I looked at Glenn and he was becoming emotional. Mark then said to Glenn, ‘You’re wearing this watch right now. I looked at Glenn and he pointed to the watch on his wrist and shook his head ‘yes’. Mark could not have known because we were speaking by phone. Words were not possible at that moment. Mark was so clear with his validations and I was amazed because I’d forgotten about the watch. Glenn is never without it!

Lynn Hollahan:

I had the pleasure of being ‘chosen’ in a group setting for a reading with Mark Nelson. As soon as I heard the first two sentences I knew it was my son coming through. I tried to concentrate through the tears and left with a feeling of renewal and hope that my son was with us and aware of what was happening in our lives.

Elizabeth Boisson:

I’ve attended two conferences where Mark has presented. He is a compassionate, down-to-earth person. During his gallery reading he asked us each to put a personal item on the table at the front of the room. He then picked up a few of the items at random and was able to ‘read’ the items by holding them. It was clear by the responses that the people gave that his validations were clear and on target.

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