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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Nicole Reilly is from New Orleans


Elizabeth Boisson:

Nicole Reilly was recommended to me by Suzanne Giesemann, Messenger of Hope, whose husband Ty had just done a reading with her. Suzanne was blown away by the detail that Nicole brought through to Ty.

I had the good fortune of having a reading with Nicole a few days later. She clearly brought through all three of my children in spirit and she talked a great deal about Morgan, who addressed me as ‘Maman’ (this is French for Mom and I was always ‘Maman’ to him) and told me that he had a very special name-that it was significant because he is named after two other beloved people in his life. One of these names started with a ‘J’. His full name is Morgan James Pierre Boisson and James is his maternal grandfather and Pierre is his paternal grandfather. Morgan told her that he was very proud of the name and of the close-knit family to which he belongs.

Morgan said that he was taking good care of his brother and sister on the other side and that he loved having them with him. He was always an amazing big brother and older cousin to all of the kids in our family so this resonates with me.

He told me that he just recently welcomed another person that he didn’t know but that was connected to me. My daughter’s best friend’s mum just passed yesterday in the UK and we all knew that she would be connecting with Morgan.

Nicole asked about our dogs and said that Morgan is also taking care of them on the other side. We have had 4 dogs pass since he transitioned so this is also a comfort to me.

Nicole told me that there is quite a difference in age between Morgan and his surviving sisters. It is true that there is a 4-year difference between Morgan and Alix and a 6-year between Morgan and Christine since I had a miscarriage at 12 weeks pregnancy and then Chelsea passed 2 days after she was born, between Morgan and Alix.

Morgan told me though Nicole that he did not suffer when he died-he had already crossed over and was with Chelsea. She also to me that he was like a big brother to all he met here on earth-she said that he was very tall, which is true, he measured 6’6″. And that he was always taking care of people. She also said that he was a very old soul which is something that I have heard many times before and that he shares an incredibly strong heart connection with me.

All of this is true and I enjoyed speaking with Nicole. She is compassionate, uplifting and a very bright light. I highly recommend her to anyone who would like to have a reading.

Ty Giesemann:

Recently I had an outstanding evidential reading from Nicole Reilly. As the husband of a medium, I knew what I wanted out of a reading, and Nicole exceeded my expectations. She brought through my daughter, Susan, and described her personality very well. But the biggest surprise came when she brought through my biological father, whom I hardly knew. She described how he watched me grow up from afar, and that I had the same name as my father and my brother, which I do, and which is a very unusual fact that she could only have known from tuning in directly to my father. Nicole came across as very kind and compassionate. She did a superb job, and I would recommend her to anyone wanting to hear from loved ones across the veil.

Irene Vouvalides:

I highly recommend having a reading with Nicole, she has a gift, an ability to connect with those who no longer walk this earth.

My daughter Carly came through immediately and Nicole was able to feel her vivacious energy and describe her perfectly.

She was able to give me messages from my daughter and my parents connecting me to them in a wonderful healing way. I was thrilled to know that Carly has connected with other children who’s parents are members of Helping Parents Heal. It is such a comfort knowing our loved ones are safe, happy and will be waiting for us when our time to leave this earth occurs. I am so grateful to Nicole for the time I spent with her, my daughter and my parents.

Thank you Nicole for giving me an early birthday present…

Irene Vouvalides
Board Member Helping Parents Heal
Chapter leader HPH Hilton Head/Bluffton SC
Conference chair HPH conference April 13-15 2018
Mother of an angel

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