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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Reverend Sue Frederick

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Reverend Sue Frederick is from Scottsdale, AZ


Elizabeth Kaplan:

I just gave my son Jeremy a reading with Sue Frederick for his birthday. His brother Evan transitioned in July 2022. I have had some excellent medium readings since then but I was searching for the right kind of reading that would be broader and not only connect with Evan but provide practical information to help Jeremy with his soul purpose, relationship insight, career path and general life direction using his strengths. I heard Sue speak on a recent HPH zoom event and thought maybe a reading with her would encompass what I was looking for and Jeremy happened to have an interest in numerology.

Sue truly provided a comprehensive approach with the practical information to help Jeremy with his life going forward. In addition, Evan was present through out the entire reading with a ton of information and advice as well as a powerful explanation as to how Jeremy could positively reframe the reason for his passing, what he had been sent here to accomplish and that he completed his mission. This was very helpful for Jeremy. Sue was able to integrate not only Evan but Jeremy’s spirits guide into the reading with several clear validations about Jeremy’s personality, his relationship with Evan and details that only Evan would know. Sue is also a master at bringing numerology into the mix which helped provide career and relationship information that was accurate and extremely helpful with guidance going forward, with Evan promising to be there to help. It was truly a mind blower of a reading, covering many important aspects that will help him in his life. I do believe Evan led me to Sue and gave me the inspiration to get this gift for Jeremy. 

As Jeremy said after, this was worth a 1,000 therapy sessions, it was much more valuable than what he has gotten out of his therapy, so much deeper and provided insight into his life that completely resonated but that wasn’t clear or obvious to him until it was pointed out.  He knew it on a soul level but needed to have it brought to the surface. He said it was the best gift he could have ever gotten.

Sue is multifaceted in her talents and ability to connect and tie so many highlights together. She is compassionate and loving but clear, firm and honest in her approach. I highly recommend getting a reading with Sue. As a bonus for me, I was able to sit in on the reading so it benefited me to hear so much from Evan and see the practical direction they both provided for Jeremy. Truly amazing. 

Dawn Coleman:

Where do I start?
What Sue bring to this world is priceless and quite literally a lifesaver. The perspective completely changes when one is given this type of information. In many ways Sue’s reading resonates with other readings and messages I have received. Hers, however, was definitely very different and that there was a lot of logic and reason and description of other people in my family. That is so immensely helpful as I now continue to navigate the world that is in front of me…

~Dawn Coleman

Amelia Clark:

I am not sure where to even start with this for the newsletter. I in turn hope that my sweet boy Bennett will help me find the words about this group. I had joined several groups on Facebook after my 5 month old passed in January. Him, along with his brother are the light of our world. He was the best baby, especially compared to his 3 year old rambunctious, climbing the walls older brother. He would watch his brother with such curiosity and love, and at only 5 months the bond that they shared was unbelievable. Our oldest would kiss Bennett constantly, almost like in his heart he knew his brother wouldn’t be here for long and he needed to soak it in as fast and as often as he could. His smile was contagious, and his light radiated to everyone he met. After he transitioned I created a “fake facebook” account to add only the people who I knew could support me in my grief journey and to join any and all groups that might help me figure out what to do with these pieces of my heart I had left sitting in front of me. I can remember continuously telling my husband that I was going to have to get off of these groups as though we had all lost our children, I felt as everyone was just bringing their darkness to the same place, making an even bigger hole of darkness for all involved, one that I was drowning in more and more each day.  When reading through comments on a post someone commented to someone else, are you a member of helping parents heal? I in turn requested to join this group having absolutely no idea the turn around that it would give my life. A couple days after joining the group I was tagged in a post from Elizabeth, we would like to welcome our new members. I was immediately struck, in this group I felt like somebody already. Not just another number, another person who had lost their child, a “bereaved mother”. They took the time to tag me in welcoming me.. wow. For several months I laid in the background, reading posts, getting on occasional calls as “iphone”, soaking up anything and everything that I could about where my son was. Then I attended a monthly group meeting with Irene on zoom. The compassion, and caring in her voice for each of us. I felt like a lost bird that she had taken under her wing and comforted, though she didn’t even know who I was. She said tell us how you are doing, tell us how your day is, what’s happened this month. As she went through each person who would cry, laugh, tell their journey I could feel the warmth, the love radiated. That day I got up the courage to speak, to tell my story. I told my story to 50 people that didn’t know me, to 50 people that cared how I was, cared how my month had been, cared about my heartache and my struggles.  50 people that listened with so much love I could feel it. 50 people like me. This group made me realize that I was not crazy, that the way that I felt was 100% valid. While I am only 10 months into this journey that I would give anything not to be a part of, I have come to know my grief as a backpack.  I have to carry it. I have to wear it forever. I can never take it off. But I can learn how to carry it, I can pack it on my back, if the weight gets too heavy as it often does, I have to rearrange, maybe put it on my arm. If it gets too heavy on my arm, try to carry it with two hands. This group has taught me all the ways to carry my backpack. I am still learning, I am still broken, I am still discovering new ways to carry my backpack, but I am carrying it, as before this group, it was carrying me.

I have many stories about this group, one of which I got to share on a zoom with Elizabeth about my son sending balloons, I also got a beautiful reading from my son Bennett by Mark Anthony, and have been led to so many videos, books, documentaries, speakers, people etc. that have created just enough of a hole to let a small shimmer of light begin to shine into my darkness. While I could continue to ramble on more, this article for the newsletter is suppose to be about my amazing reading last night with  Master Numerologist Sue Frederick. I always find that my son ensures as I begin to take 5 steps back that he always stops me saying no mom, look, I’m here. I truly believe that last night he knew that I once again needed him. I could feel the love from him last night through Sue’s tone, her mannerism, and her spirit. Everything that she stated was spot on. He was the most beautiful soul and she caught that before she even started talking. I can not begin to describe the comfort that it gave me that she could feel him there, that he was helping people from the other side, and that he would always be there by my side. I truly in my heart believe all of these things, however sometimes when I begin to backtrack, I forget how absolutely true that it really is. Until he snaps me back into reality to remind me again. She told me of my journey as well, my self-doubt, and my confidence, she stated that one day I would be on a stage helping people. I hope that this is all true as I hope that I can grow and heal and reach my hand back as Elizabeth, Irene and all Helping Parents Heal has because truly, they saved my life. The smile from Elizabeth in ANY of the zoom meetings is enough to recharge your heart from empty. Each time I see her, I know our children are all there, you can almost, somehow, mystically, see it in her eyes. It’s like they’re somehow telling you “the kids are okay,” and for that I’m so grateful.

I recently finished the Helping Parents Heal book as well. It touched my heart in so many ways. While I listened to it on my phone, I constantly found myself having to pull it out and screenshot things I would hear that resonated so much with me just to later be able to jot them down in my Journal for sweet Bennett. I have never felt so much pure love as I do from this group, so many open, yet broken hearts, yet still willing to help you try to heal yours, even if theirs is still a little shattered. So many amazing people and I am so thankful. I am sure I rambled, and I am not sure if this is what was intended (again Sue talking about my confidence in myself)  but I know that my child is okay, that he’s here with me every day, and that he brought me to all the amazing people at Helping Parents Heal.

LeAnn Hull:

I am thrilled to have the privilege of writing a review or testimonial for Sue Frederick regarding my recent session with her. I scheduled a 90-minute session to include numerology and past life regression. Wow oh wow, was this illuminating and so helpful for my continued healing journey especially after so many losses in my life. While so much of this process and technique were totally foreign to me, Sue made me feel 100% comfortable with her deep knowledge and Spiritual connection.  

Over the past 10 years since my Andy moved to Heaven after completing suicide, I have sought out a variety of healing techniques and tools. While this process hasn’t been a linear road to traverse, it has been eased by several amazing people but none quite as genuine, kind and gifted as Sue. Helping me to understand patterns and behaviors in my life has already given me another boost forward in my healing. Sue went into depth connecting the many fibers and interactions of all of my family relationships which have been so strained through this journey. Delving into my past lives has also helped to explain some of the areas which need some improvement as well as a need for tenderness towards myself.  

My goals have and are to utilize every healing method available to further my healing process and Sue definitely helped me to do a quantum leap forward. I would highly recommend everyone and anyone to schedule a session with Sue. I guarantee that you won’t have any regrets.  

Michele Patafio:
I met with Sue this past Friday, July 14, 2023.  We spent 90 mins together discussing my family, the loss of my 30 yr old amazing daughter, Alexandra, (10/7/22) and our plans moving forward.  The most amazing things were said by Sue, and they echoed what I had just posted for the 40 week mark of my daughter’s transition (It was not a public fb post so she could not have seen what I wrote).  I had experienced a true shift the week leading up to my meeting with Sue, and she spoke about all of the things I had been feeling over that week.  When I say a “shift”, I am speaking about my whole belief system.  Our souls, the plan, the purpose, all of it.  I had this awakening during that week and it all came together the morning of and during my meeting with Sue.  It was like my daughter knew that I needed to be affirmed, and affirmed I was.  Sue is boldly honest, compassionate, and very blessed with an extraordinary gift.  Unbeknownst to her, I asked Alex to speak about the one thing no one had yet to do and if this person were to speak about it, then I would have the ultimate affirmation that her true essence was being accurately conveyed.  Because while I BELIEVE my daughter shows up to every encounter I may seek out, I have not been assured that those individuals were accurately reading my daughter;  until Sue.  The one thing I had asked was to have Sue mention her hair.  Alex's hair was so important to me because the state of her body after being horrifically struck by an impaired driver (and ejected in spite of being seat-belted in), was such that we could only view her face and hair (and we had to wait 4 days for the medical examiner to release her).  When everyone had concluded their visits with Alex, I went back inside the room where she lay (with the funeral director) and combed her beautiful hair.  I was actually struck by how soft it was given what she had just endured.  It was my plan to take a portion of her hair as a keepsake, which I did.  It meant the world to me to have it and to have had that last beautiful moment with my baby.  During our mediation, Sue mentioned my stroking Alex’s hair not once, not twice, but three times.  No one before her had ever mentioned the one thing I had repeatedly asked Alex to share.  It was the ultimate gift.
All this to say, I was already “there”.  I had been experiencing these “awakenings” for lack of a better word over the course of these 40 weeks since Alex transitioned.  40 weeks is so symbolic in human life, and in this case, I feel like I, too, had a rebirth of sorts.  Sue was like spiritual guide that led me to where I was trying to get but just needed that little nudge to leap to the "new". 
It took a few months to arrange the meeting with Sue but I know the timing was perfect.  Absolutely perfect.  
I cannot say how comforting it was to be affirmed of where Alex truly is;  that she is, indeed, “home” and that she walks every step with me, now and forever more.   I am looking at the gift my precious daughter was in life and in death (or in the great beyond).  If I could have gotten in the way of the man who killed her, I would have.  If given the chance today to do the same, I would do it in a heartbeat.  Sadly, that isn’t a possibility for me.  But what is possible is for me to walk with my daughter’s spirit, to believe that she is showing up all day every day to see me through the rest of this journey, and that I can and will do healing work for myself and OTHERS in her name, memory and honor.  I am ready to experience this "new" life in a new way; I am ready to believe that Alex is where she can do her best work and help me to accomplish mine.  Losing a child changes every single aspect of life.  Nothing remains the same.  My dream, my goal is to rise up and become SO MUCH MORE than I ever thought myself capable.  
I am grateful to HPH.  I am grateful to Rev. Sue Frederick for all that she offers to others in the name of healing and I am especially grateful to my amazingly precious daughter, Alex, for walking me the rest of the way.  
~With warmest regards,
Michele Patafio
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