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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Sophia Mecum

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Sophia Mecum is from Arizona


Irene Vouvalides:
I had a test reading with Sophia Mecum for Mark Ireland’s mediumship certification in order to become an HPH recommended provider.
Sophia brought through my father, mother and paternal grandmother. It felt like a family reunion remembering tidbits from our family such as drinking out of small coffee cups. Yes, we drank espresso in my grandmother’s treasured cups!
She spoke of a dainty bracelet of my Mom’s that I had and the aprons the women in my family wore while cooking and baking.
She then concentrated on a young female and described Carly, her personality and our relationship beautifully.
I know that Sophia will be a wonderful addition to our recommended mediums.
Carol Allen:

Sofia is a very gifted, kind and compassionate medium. Sofia brought my son through and wow, she was spot on! She validated an entire conversation I had earlier that day with my sister. My son told her exactly what was currently going on with myself, my husband and my older son. I was blown away. I am not one to say much during a reading because I am careful not to give away evidence. I was amazed and I highly recommend her.

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