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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Stacey Lynn Cripps

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Stacey Lynn Cripps is from Chicago, IL


Elizabeth Boisson:

I had a wonderful, healing reading with Stacey Cripps.  She brought through my son Morgan and my daughter Chelsea and gave me many significant, validated messages.  The reading was coincidentally on my 33rd wedding anniversary and since it was fairly early, I hadn't yet seen my husband.  Stacey told me that Morgan was showing her a necklace that was significant.  Stacey didn't know that it was my anniversary.  I thought that Morgan meant a necklace that I had made for the whole family that was a gold medallion with Morgan's engraved picture.  However, I didn't think this was a big deal because we have all had the necklaces for 11 years. 

After the reading, to my surprise, my husband gave me a beautiful box.  It contained a lovely necklace with a moonstone that he had purchase especially for me, in a setting that he had personally designed over a period of a few months.  It was beautiful and I now wear it every day.  I was grateful to know through Stacey's reading that it was both from Cyril and from Morgan.  I feel his love as I wear it.  Thank you, Stacey!

Brian Smith:

My reading with Stacey was absolute phenomenal. I’ve had many medium readings since my daughter passed away. Stacey was the perfect combination of providing evidence with providing messages from my daughter. 

Stacey’s manner is extremely comforting and reassuring. But, at the same time she brought through evidence about my daughter and about our relationship that she could not possibly have found. My reading with Stacey was done “blind” in that she only had my first name when we connected and I was sent the Zoom link by a third party. I had no connection with her before the reading. 

She knew the manner of my daughter’s passing. She knew about things I am doing in my life currently in connection with my daughter. She said my daughter brings me “13” and I glanced at the clock and it was 11:31 (in my time zone- Stacey is in another time zone).

I highly recommend Stacey for a reading.

Brian Smith - Helping Parents Heal Board Member, Author of 'Grief 2 Growth' 

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