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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Susan Posada PHD LMHC LMFT

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Jody Thanner:

From Jody:

From a Fellow Member of Helping Parents Heal Group, 

 Greetings Everyone, I was referred to Dr. Susan Posada to participate in a study for a IADC after death communication. My son passed away March 1, 2021, and 17 months later I’m in as much pain and sadness as I was the day he died. I went to Dr. Posada with no preconceived notion‘s because I really did not know what I was there for. I just knew that I was terribly sad.  I missed my son and did not know why I was still here living when he wasn’t. After two hours of talking, relaxing and working eye movements I felt relaxed but did not see the big picture until I came back the next day. At which time not only did we meditate but it was probably the first time I was ever able to truly relax my mind, my body and soul.  I was able to ask my son a question and receive a response. I have felt his presence before and have seen what I called signs from him but this was different. My overall attitude was different when I left Dr. Posada‘s office.  I for the first time since Joey died felt my path change and I felt Joeys energy changing with me I realize that our journey together is not over it is just different.  I realize I can take him with me on my final journey that I am not alone I can keep him in my heart.  I know that he is at peace, he is not suffering and for that reason alone I should not be suffering either. All of the pieces are coming together and I can see the clearing of the clouds. The sun will come out tomorrow and I know when it does my son will be there with me to experience and guide me trough my final chapter.

To all my friends from  Helping Parents Heal Group,  I whole heartedly recommend that you reach out to Dr. Susan Posada. My experience with her was life changing.


May I Never End,

Jodi  (Joey’s mom Forever 37)


Terri Mummert:

From Terri:


Dr. Susan Posada used the IADC technique with me which helped me replace 2 especially painful memories with something beautiful
Jacob and I were getting ready to go to the grocery store and when he didn’t come out of the bathroom, I had to break in finding him unresponsive
Susan suggested that I build a wall between me and the scene. The wall could be made of any material.
Jacob came through and helped me build a colorful wall of giant Duplo Legos and even put flowers on each side. The feeling of being with him - the closeness we shared and him always being playful, helpful and loving towards me now is between me and that scene.

I then had to wait what felt like an eternity for the emergency responders to arrive so every time I saw lights through the front door, it took me back to that time. I don’t even want to try and explain how horrible it was.
But Susan & Jacob helped me replace that as well with the memories of Jacob practicing skateboarding jumps and tricks - the lights would be when he got it “just right”. (When Jake was younger, he would practice on his skateboards and stunt bikes for hours and then come inside to get me to come watch what he could do). He was amazing and I was always impressed and so proud of his dedication, skill and accomplishments. I certainly didn’t do this on my own. I’m so grateful to Susan for helping Jacob help me. He would never want to cause me any distress and I know he is grateful to Susan as well. 

I would recommend this to anyone who has gone through traumatic events and I would especially recommend Dr. Susan to the Helping Parents Heal referral list. She sadly knows our pain and walks this journey with us.

I know it took me a while to write this. I thought it was going to bring back the worst memories but it hasn’t. It brings back my son’s loving and adventurous personality- thank you Susan - much love & gratitude to you.


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