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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Suzanne Giesemann is from Hilton Head, SC


Irene Vouvalides:

I highly recommend Suzanne Giesemann for anyone searching to connect with their loved ones who have crossed over. Suzanne connected me so purely with my precious daughter Carly during a phone session that for the first time since her physical death I felt as if we were in the same room! Evidence was presented to me that no one could have known, detail after detail left me speechless and overjoyed knowing that Carly is with me always. Suzanne has an amazing gift.

Susan Stowell:

Our son Andrew died of undiagnosed hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (enlarged heart) at the age of 26 while working out at his gym in August 2014. As Andrew was asymptomatic, his sudden death was a shock to our family, his fiancee, friends, and co-workers and left all of us absolutely devastated.

I began my grief journey by reading books on the topic, as I’m sure so many grieving parents do. Soon, I found myself feeling even more sorrowful so I decided to try reading books about near-death experiences (NDEs) as I remembered reading Life After Death by Raymond Moody, M.D. in 1978. I reread the book and that led me to Proof of Heaven by Eben Alexander, M.D. ( I highly recommend this book for everyone!). Dr. Alexander has a website, “” and in reading it, I ‘discovered’ Suzanne Giesmann, an evidential medium. Suzanne is a retired U.S.Navy Commander and was serving as Aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on 9/11. With that for a resume, I knew that she was endowed with intelligence and integrity.

I have spent the last two years literally devouring Suzanne’s books as they are uplifting and affirming that there IS life after one’s earthly ‘death.’ Her daily “Sanaya” messages are powerful expressions from her spirit guides/Divine Love. When Suzanne and her husband Ty, arrived in Mesa/Phoenix this past April, I knew that we must hear her presentations and S.O.A.R. workshop. From that, I became even more convinced that Suzanne is an enthusiastic teacher, a gifted medium, and a compassionate human being.

On July 5, Suzanne gave my husband and me a reading via the phone. As expected, it was one that contained evidence that only Andrew (or my husband and I) would have known. Beforehand, Suzanne explained to me that after our reading we would know, without a doubt, that our beloved Andrew is still with us, albeit in spirit. With the amount of evidence she presented, I can state with certainty that he is here.

Emotionally, I feel so much more at peace about our beloved son and that is a marvelous gift for which my husband and I will be eternally grateful.

Beth D'Angelo:

Being in the presence of Suzanne for a reading was huge. My heart raced. Anticipation on high alert. And the moment I took her hand and she guided me into an intention prayer, and I was at peace. I was so hoping my son would come through. And he did. And he gave her one hit after another that he was indeed my sweet boy. Then an unexpected person came through. Suzanne said there was a woman who has been waiting her turn to speak. Suzanne came up with her first two letters of her name and launched into a family member I dearly loved. We became estranged and she died with regret in her heart. Marguerite was making an unexpected amends from afar to me, saying, she only heard what she wanted to hear and that she could have learned much from me. I was in tears and was deeply touched that my son and this precious woman would both come through significantly to change the way I look at my life. Having the recording of this reading has proven invaluable. More was revealed as I replayed the reading over and over.

I will forever grateful for Suzanne Giesemann – She has my attention and heart.

Diane Romagnoli:

My telephone reading with Suzanne came to be as a result of a series of synchronicities that to this day, create a state of AWE when I recall the events. My son has lived in Spirit since January 3, 2015. I have received signs and validations in the past yet was yearning for messages, evidence that my son was watching over me, seeing my daily activities in the present. My yearnings became realities during my reading with Suzanne. I can only describe the feeling of comfort received akin to a “Spirit Hug”. I experienced a visit with my son, both of us in the same room, enjoying the continuation of our Mother-Son relationship.
The guidelines set by Suzanne in preparation for the reading were very helpful in setting expectations. I understood that the reading would be a 3-way communication and the input I provided created a stronger connection with my son. Once the intention was set, Suzanne was able to connect with my son in Spirit. The connection was very quick, clear and spoke directly to my heart. Suzanne’s warm approach and complete understanding of the mother/child bond allowed me to sit in a safe, sacred space as my son was able to share his past and my present. Suzanne’s gift of communication was truly a gift for me. The comfort provided by the reading assuaged any fears I had regarding the peace my son is currently experiencing. The comfort was instantaneous and most valuable as I walk this journey through grief. Thank you once again Suzanne. I will be back for many more visits with my son.

Zoe Kharpertian:

Suzanne Giesemann is not only a tremendously gifted medium, but a woman of the highest credibility and integrity. She is the real thing, the quintessential “evidential” medium. I am a skeptic by nature, but there was absolutely no doubt in my mind that Suzanne connected with my daughter during our reading, as she delivered message after message that was so detailed, and so correct, down to the very phrases my daughter used. Not only I but my sister and husband, who listened to the recording later, could only respond with, “Wow. She’s good!”

Suzanne’s background as a military aide-de-camp, her clear, forthright manner, and her intellectual honesty gave me complete confidence in her reliability and authenticity. She convinced me that the afterlife is indeed real, and with the right help, we can connect with those “beyond the veil.” Thank you, Suzanne, for your personal, specific messages of hope – you gave me and my family comfort and peace in a very difficult time.

Tracy Soussi:

A series of the most incredible synchronicities led me to Suzanne Giesemann and they haven’t stopped since I met her. My son, Aymen, transitioned February 28th, 2016. I was determined to find out that my son lived on and attended a mediumship class Suzanne was giving. I am not very articulate expressing my feelings but the best word I can use to describe my encounter with Suzanne is miraculous.

Suzanne was led by spirit to give me a reading. She knew nothing about me or Aymen. The reading she gave me was 100 percent accurate and a life saver. I knew for sure, without a doubt, my son was there in spirit, well, happy and speaking to me through Suzanne. After the initial reading she has received “drop-ins” from my son that she has relayed to me. All of it is beyond amazing.

Suzanne is an incredible evidential medium and mentor for mediumship. Additionally, Suzanne is one of the most caring, kind, and giving souls – she emanates love. She donates a great deal of her time to help grieving parents. I prayed and prayed for a miracle to hear from Aymen, Suzanne was the answer to my prayers.

LeAnn Hull:

It’s been 4 1/2 years since Andy moved to Heaven. Some days it seems like yesterday and other days feels like the day will never end.

While I have been able to “talk” with Andy almost immediately via a wonderful medium named Susanne Wilson, my husband was not open to that kind of communication. I gave myself permission to spend the money and have my intergalactic conversations with Andy every 6 months.

My husband, Clay, didn’t object to this but he also found it very difficult to accept and validate. I think that for us it was essential that we allowed each other to take this journey at our own pace and path without judgement or condemnation.

As time went on, I could tell that the walls were slowly coming down for Clay and I could share more and more with him! Timing is everything, and patience would pay off for Andy was making in roads with his Dad as well.

We were fortunate to be invited on a boating outing with Elizabeth and Cyril, as well as some other amazing parents, where our relationships were deepened and encouraged. One of the parents on this trip was Ty Giesemann, whose daughter was in Heaven with Andy, and the wife of another
amazing Medium, Susanne Giesemann. Clay had the opportunity to visit with him and some of the other great people who talked about their children like they were right there on the boat with us. You see it is all about a new perspective of sharing our lives with our kids now in a different way.

Spirit continued to work around the clock opening the doors of opportunity for my husband, and we were invited to dinner with Susanne and Ty Giesemann where once again the conversations were all about what our kids are doing now. As we were sitting at dinner, Susanne turned to Clay and said that Andy was here at dinner and was showing her his baseball signs and saying ‘Hi!’ to his Dad! Clay just looked at her as tears were welling up in his eyes.

The walls were coming down and Andy had once again made his presence apparent to Clay. With tenderness and patience, our children will wait for us and love us until that glorious time when we get to physically put our arms around them.

Lori Worrall:

Emily was a fun-loving, outgoing, live-in-the-moment 17-year-old girl who marched to the beat of her own drum and cared deeply for her family and friends. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the “Helping Parents Heal” meeting where we met with medium, Suzanne Giesemann, Emily took the spotlight as the spokesperson. 
When describing Emily’s personality Suzanne was spot on, describing her as sassy, opinionated, confident, and cocky. Yet, she also mentioned how Emily had self-esteem issues, insecurities that she carried within, and fear of not fitting in. Furthermore, when describing the way she entered the room that day, she said she could see her pushing everyone aside to ensure that she got to speak. Suzanne also described Emily’s appearance by mentioning her body piercings, tattoos, and eccentric style of clothing. It is really funny that these things were mentioned because Emily was always very proud of her rebel endeavors, like her piercings and tattoos, that I did not agree to. This description Suzanne gave of who Emily was spot on and highlighted that she truly was present.
Suzanne solidified Emily’s presence in multiple ways. For instance, to first figure out whose child was present, Emily chose a very distinct instance, by showing Suzanne someone getting their finger pricked. As Emily’s mother, this instantly made me realize that it must be Emily, as I am currently a medical assistant student and was just practicing finger pricking the other day. Moreover, Suzanne said she saw a line of “A’s” which reminded her of school grades. This alludes to my current grades in my class. I never went to college when I was younger, and I am just now going back to school and was very nervous about how I would do. Finally, the names “Carolyn and Jennifer” were mentioned and these are the names of the two people who accepted me into the medical assistant schooling program I am in. This reading really helped to emphasize that Emily is still with us every day and that she not only knows I am going to school, but Suzanne reiterated that Emily is proud of me for it which was really good to hear.
Additionally, Suzanne described mine and Emily’s relationship by mentioning how she was always texting me, which is true. When she passed, one of the most difficult things was adjusting to my phone not blowing up with text messages from her. 
Continually, Suzanne mentions that Emily was launching herself at me and wrapping her arms around me. This is just the essence of who Emily was. You could never escape her hugs and cuddles. She always smothered you in affection and love. Suzanne continued this by saying Emily wants her father to know that she is always hugging him as well. To further reiterate this point, Emily told Suzanne that something was under a pillow. This did not ring any bells for me, but when I told this to Emily’s father, he looked under his pillows and one of his throw pillows had “hugs” embroidered on it. 
One of the last things Suzanne mentioned was her father’s brother. She then followed that by mentioning that someone’s birthday was coming up. Interesting enough, Emily’s father’s brother, her Uncle David, had a birthday the day after the reading. This again, solidified Emily’s presence because she was obsessed with her Uncle David and loved him dearly.

Finally, to end the reading, Emily said, “we are never alone, nobody passes alone” which not only eased some of my feelings of worry about who she is with and if she is okay, but I hope eased fellow mom’s feelings about their children’s well being as well.

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