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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Tina Powers

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Tina Powers is from Tucson, Arizona


Mark Ireland:

Tina gave me the best, most compelling reading I’ve ever had – and I’ve met with some of the top mediums in the world. What made my session even more impressive is that I came in unannounced, accompanying a friend who had booked the reading. Tina knew nothing about me except that my first name was Mark, a fact revealed as I entered her front door. Tina correctly noted that I’d been praying on my way down to Tucson, asking for a clear connection with my loved ones. She then correctly noted that my father had been a psychic medium and that he had used blindfolds in his ESP demonstrations. She then visualized herself being taken east across the Atlantic Ocean to Ireland. I then shared that my last name is ‘Ireland’. She then noted visions of a church, which was correct as both my father and uncle had churches. Tina then provided a series of strong validations from my deceased son Brandon, delivering a statement in his exact tone and intonation. It was almost like I was talking directly to my son at that moment.

Nita Erickson:

Tina was so warm and comforting. She told my husband Glenn that he would receive a phone call from our deceased son, Kyle. I remember thinking this was impossible. But on the night of November 20, which is both my husband’s birthday and our wedding anniversary, Glenn had a dream about Kyle. In the dream he heard the phone ringing and when he picked it up Kyle was on the other end of the line. Glenn said, ‘I thought you were dead’, to which Kyle replied, ‘No, I’ve just been busy with a lot of people.’ Tina also asked us about a connection to Paris. We then realized that Morgan, the deceased son of Elizabeth Boisson from our parents group loved Paris and that their family had lived in France.

Celia Edwards:

My experience with Tina was very uplifting. She is very bubbly and mails a CD from the session to your home.

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