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About Gordon Smith

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International Medium, Public Figure, Author
Hailed by the UK’s media as “Britain’s most accurate medium” there is no
doubt that Gordon Smith is the ‘Real Deal’…………
Gordon has been the subject of seven years of testing at Glasgow University by
emeritus professor Archie Roy/ Head of Scottish Society of Psychical research
whose finds were published in three scientific journals.
Internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading psychic mediums,
spiritual teachers and author of over 20 books that has sold over a million copies
in many different languages has earned him the reputation of being an authentic
all-round expert in spiritual awareness and psychic studies.
Gordon developed his outstanding natural ability under the tutelage of some of
most the sought-after mediums including the legendary Albert Best. Who is
widely acknowledged as one of the best mediums of the twentieth century?
Gordon’s reputation of being accurate and authentic has meant that he is
constantly in demand, presenting as well as featuring, in numerous television
documentaries and shows about the paranormal for broadcasters such as the
BBC, ITV, Sky, Living and Bio Chanel.
Developing his own self-awareness training programs, has seen Gordon travel
the world many times demonstrating his mediumship and teaching international
students. These teachings have been converted into highly successful online
courses which attracts thousands of students from around the globe. Who are as
much attracted to his charismatic nature which they insist brings a sense of
healing and restores balance in their lives.
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