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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About LaVonne Wells Sandberg

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LaVonne Wells Sandberg is a spiritual teacher, global speaker, love activist. She offers loss and grief support to parents who have experienced the death/transition of a child. As the Spiritual Teacher, Lavonne has made it her life’s work to provide systems for people to create peace after the death/transition of a loved one. She can connect to spirit while providing compassionate understanding and insightful shares during a time of need.
LaVonne provides private and group sessions. Her workshops include Connections & Communications, aka “Life After Life,” Connections & Insights, and The Sacred Self.
Another aspect of her incredible work is called “Connections and Communications” it emerged because of the despair she experienced through the loss of her daughter Kiva. Her daughter’s passing/transitioning, inspired LaVonne to assist others in expressing sorrow through empowering while allowing the action of healing to commence.
LaVonne supports individuals in moving forward in a positive way by allowing the process to simply unfold naturally, as it should. LaVonne recognizes that we hold all answers within ourselves and acts as a catalyst to help people find clarity and awaken resolutions that may currently lay dormant.
LaVonne’s connection with spirit began as a child who experienced many challenges yet worked through them with the full acceptance that she was never alone. Now, she hopes to instill this same remembrance and knowledge in everyone. Her services support people experiencing or having experienced LOSS in its many forms.
People who experience grief because of the death of a loved one, divorce, career change, and loss of self would benefit greatly. LaVonne’s intention is to listen, support, and offer possible systems to take parents from sadness to celebration.
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