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Keynote Session: Grief Yoga Chair Class: Releasing the Pain and Honoring the Life Lived

A child's death brings tremendous grief into our body, mind, and spirit. And that sadness and anger get stuck in our bodies. The body always remembers. We want to release the pain, anger, and regrets to remember our children with more love than pain. Grief Yoga is a program that anyone at any age can do. This class will be done from a chair.

Paul Denniston is the creator of Grief Yoga, which uses grief as fuel for healing and combines many forms of yoga and movement to help release sadness and anger and bring people to greater peace and happiness. Paul dedicated himself to studying grief with some of the top leaders on loss, including David Kessler, William Worden, and Bessel Van Der Kolk. Paul has taught the techniques and exercises of Grief Yoga to more than 6,000 therapists, counselors, and health-care professionals to use with people in grief in the United States, England, and Australia. His stepson David died in 2016 and his sister Ella died in 2017.

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