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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Annalee Palmer's Validation with Kileigh through Suzanne Giesemann

Annalee Palmer's Validation with Kileigh through Suzanne Giesemann

  • Posted
    • May
    • 6
    • 2019
by Elizabeth Boisson

Our daughter Kileigh transitioned on December 20, 2018, at the age of nine. It was a sudden, undiagnosed illness. Out of left field. When we saw her little body at her memorial service I knew that it was not my girl. There was no way that a spirit as bright as hers could just cease to exist. Being the primary caregiver of a child with disabilities for 9 years, suddenly I felt as though I had no purpose here. I vividly remember the gut-wrenching feeling of just wanting to be with her. I never thought of ending my own life, I simply had no desire to live anymore.

I was sent a copy of Suzanne Giesemann's book Still Right Here about a week after the memorial service. I read it in about three days. I knew that I needed a reading if I was going to continue on. I reached out to Suzanne and with the help of spirit, I wad scheduled a reading on March 4th. It was life-changing. Right away Suzanne had my daughter's personality perfectly. She said "Bright, lively, smart, curious, talkative" and she is all of those things. She gave me precise evidence about what took Kileigh's body.

Suzanne said that Kileigh was giving her her full name and she felt like she did this often. She said Kileigh Ann Marie. Kileigh gave everyone her full name, even to the little old lady in the checkout at the grocery.  Kileigh Ann Mae. How amazing?

She said that Kileigh was showing her white small orbs out the window in the back yard. It had snowed big, beautiful snowflakes the day before our reading. Suzanne had no idea where we lived! She said "She's showing me that she would just run out the door barefoot even in the snow" Kileigh hated to wear shoes. So much so that on the school bus she would take them off and put them in her bookbag.

Kileigh had been sick with a fever the week before she passed. I felt great guilt thinking that it may have led to her passing. Suzanne knew that she was sick and told me they were unrelated. She told me that she has two older siblings, a brother and a sister. She does!

Suzanne then said, "Kileigh's classmates are signing a song for her and she sees it." I texted Kileigh's teacher later only to find her class had a program just four days before our reading. They sang Kileigh's favorite song "Eye of the Tiger" and dedicated to her. I didn't even know that!! But Kileigh showed us she did and she was there!

Nearing the end of our reading, Suzanne told me that her guides told her that I would be a Caring Listener in the future. They also told her that I was going to start an affiliate group for the parents of younger children. This was my new purpose. A reason. And Kileigh is going to help me through it all. My reading with Suzanne gave me the will to live again. I still miss my daughter's physical presence every single second of every single day. But I know now that her spirit, that beautiful soul that she is, is with me every step of the way. That I now must go on and do the best I can to honor Kileigh. After all, she will be helping me every step of the way. She is, after all, Still Right Here!! 

-Written by Kileigh's Mom, Annalee Palmer

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