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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Charmain Fuentes' Validation from her son Evan through Pauline Mason

Charmain Fuentes' Validation from her son Evan through Pauline Mason

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 15
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

My beautiful 10-year-old boy Evan, affectionately known as "E" came through with a reading from Pauline Mason on Tuesday, April 2nd.

I was so caught up in my emotions I could not think straight at the time, but so many validations dawned on me after the fact.

Pauline mentioned a music box E had playing the same tune over and over. I'm certain this was his e-pad that he would play the song "Faded" by Alan Walker on over and over on loop. We played the same song at our son's bench dedication and tree planting ceremony (on loop) at our scout camp, and when the camp held Eerie Emerson (a Halloween themed camp for Cub Scouts) a few weeks later, the DJ played that song (weird because it wasn't a well known or popular song) and my friend called me from the meadow to tell me she felt E's presence. Eerie Emerson was our favorite and last camp we did together, just mommy and son, before he passed.

Pauline also mentioned me putting something on the Christmas tree each year and I don't know why in the moment it completely escaped me, but there's an entire tree I put up each year with just ornaments of E's favorite things in addition to our normal tree! After E passed I had ornaments made for each of his teachers from Kinder through 5th grade with their picture together on it from the first day of school, a gift to remember him by. I received a duplicate set when I ordered them, so I put those ornaments on his small Christmas tree as well.

In the reading Pauline mentioned his head, and headache, and I thought it was because of his seizures or the hat he always wore to support his older brother's sports endeavors which also had special significance in the crash that took his life. But thinking back on it now, the last 6-months of E's life he was sick. We didn't know with what, but he was having episodes of lightning bolt sensations that would start in his feet and go up to his head and he would black out. He wasn't able to stay awake in class. He was having test after test done by a team of specialists trying to find answers. He still had more specialists to see and more tests to undergo when the rollover RV accident called him home. I often wonder if what he was afflicted with would have been too much for our sweet boy to endure, and that may be why he fell asleep in the RV and woke up in Heaven.

Pauline also mentioned how he was a climber and E was always climbing on the rocks at camp and on hikes, and on our furniture as well. He loved Parkour. We hiked the Zion Narrows together and as E was jumping and climbing rock to rock through the river, another hiker told him that he was an Army Ranger and he could see E being one someday too as sure footed and agile as he was.

Pauline closed the reading with the color blue, which is my favorite color, so meaningful since the reading started with a young boy coming through for his mom.

Thank you so much HPH for connecting us with these amazing light and love workers like Pauline and bringing this mama's heart some peace. 

{Evan Fuentes 6/23/09 ~ 7/13/19}

~Charmain Fuentes

Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here.  

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