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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Charmain Fuentes' Validation with her son Evan through Amy Utsman

Charmain Fuentes' Validation with her son Evan through Amy Utsman

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 24
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

On Monday, my oldest son, Jonny, and I received beautiful messages from my youngest son Evan through Amy Utsman.

Jonny and Evan were very close, and I was hoping "E" would come through with messages for Jonny since Jonny's 18th birthday is exactly one week away.

When Amy mentioned a young teen and the sound of what seemed like skateboard wheels I wasn't sure if it was our little man. E had a skateboard but loved riding his scooters more...the kind with handles, not motorized, that can be ridden at skateparks with wheels that sound the same as skateboard wheels.

E was 10 when he passed but would currently be 14 turning 15 in heaven this coming June. We had a prior reading where E had asked if it was okay if he aged in heaven, so I thought maybe it was him coming through.

When Amy mentioned more than one person had gotten memorial tattoos but one in particular was a surprise, that couldn't be more accurate. E's dad had an arm sleeve done with E's favorite things but our son Jonny, at just 16, also got inked with a meaningful memorial piece which was a surprise to us. We normally would have made him wait until he was 18 to make such a huge decision, but due to the sentiment and the fact that he designed it himself and hadn't waivered on what he wanted for over a year, we agreed to allowing him to get the tattoo early.

Amy also mentioned a dog with E on the other side. Our dog, Cali, pictured in the collage with E on one of his many scooters, passed from epilepsy. E also had epilepsy and LOVED animals and Cali, so no surprise Cali is with him.

Amy told Jonny that often times I worry about him, he's been trying to replace the void, and E was telling him it's okay to fly now. Very true as their dad and I divorced 2 years after E's passing and Jonny has taken on the man of the house role, trying to fill the void of both his dad and E being gone. I wasn't expecting to be an empty nester so soon, especially by myself, but with Jonny turning 18 and going off to college soon it is time for him to fly and achieve his dreams and not worry about me.

E validated a visit dream with Jonny to assure him that was him. And mentioned not to worry about the signs that get away before I can catch them to add to the collection I have as he'll be sending more. I have quite the collection, and there have been ones that got away, even from Jonny and I together, only to be replaced by more meaningful ones. E has an incredibly strong spirit and the signs have been miraculous!

I can also validate that E would find our bad language comical but knew never to use bad words himself at his age, and he was definitely full of life and energy and would talk a million miles a minute. We mentioned at his memorial about how there were no regrets as every single day spent with E was full of activity and adventures, not a moment wasted and Amy mentioned that, that E had lived 3 lifetimes in 1, full of fun things, so active and so busy. He did have a wonderous way of viewing the world without judgment and it meant the world to hear he was appreciative of everything we did with him.

Thank you Amy for a beautiful heartfelt reading! Best birthday present and affirmation for Jonny who doesn't always see the signs as clearly as I do!

~Evan’s Mom, Charmain Fuentes

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