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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Christine Arnerich's Validation from her daughter Kata through Amy Utsman

Christine Arnerich's Validation from her daughter Kata through Amy Utsman

  • Posted
    • Dec
    • 2
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
My daughter came through at a Gallery Reading on November 16th with Amy Utsman.
Amy shared some details around a woman around age 27 that passed from cancer. She indicated that it appeared the cancer had gone into remission and then suddenly unexpectedly came back.
My 32 year old daughter had brain cancer stage 3 in her right temporal lobe. After 18 months of treatment, the cancer was technically in remission - tumor deactivated etc, she was scheduled to have scans every 3 months.
At the first 3 month scan, things changed abruptly - the cancer had not metastasized - instead there were 3 new tumors in her cerebellum which is highly unusual in adults. They were aggressive and growing fast. Normally these tumors come from the spine but an MRI ruled that out. A very unusual case.
Amy got it completely right that she has a very brief period of remission and then cancer returned unexpectedly.
Amy also said Kata nearly transitioned and then came back to have extra time with us.
This is true. We thought we had lost her in the hospital but we moved her home and she revived for 3 weeks.
Amy talked about Kata's role in this life, which she said was brightening people up just from seeing her. Absolutely true. She was a light and everyone referred to her as such. People would get a lift just seeing her.
Also that her case would be a learning mark for physicians. Though I’m not aware, I am sure they will use her case in some way. Adults do not often get tumors in the cerebellum - especially spontaneously. They did want a postmortem biopsy however we neglected to do that.
I have had multiple readings prior however it was very powerful and moving to have her come thru in this setting. Thank you Amy and HPH🕊️🤍🕊️
~Written by Kata's Mom, Christine Arnerich
Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here

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