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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Dave and Jenni Lyle's Validations through Pauline Mason

Dave and Jenni Lyle's Validations through Pauline Mason

  • Posted
    • Oct
    • 9
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Wonderful messages through Pauline Mason September 5th zoom meeting.

We were late coming into the meeting, and missed hearing Pauline telling the group of a young man who fell from a high place and passed quickly.  Yet, Irene Vouvalides (our lovely neighbor) knew details of Doug and texted Jenni (who was on the way home) to get on the call. Jenni got on with Zoom, and Pauline was still speaking with the group when Irene asked her about the young man, Pauline mentioned several “hits” with our son Doug Lyle. This was at the end of the meeting.  

What was SO wonderful about this experience is when the youtube video was posted a little while later, and we listened to the first part of the meeting, we heard MANY MORE “hits” that Doug was showing Pauline. Doug had a very pretty girlfriend (“all around him”) and they had special plans for the weekend after he passed. Yes, Doug was very happy in school, very active but always thinking of the next subject and had a great laugh (his classmates spoke of). He liked to eat on the run, and his last meal was a partially eaten waffle he left next to the kitchen door when he ran out the door (like she said).  

Doug’s brother Ken (who often comes through with Doug) had a salt-water aquarium with beautiful fish.  Doug loved watches, had many, and one that was able to remote control TVs, and using his watch, would change stations on TVs in public places. Ken and Doug both had many hats. His presence is often felt as I feel him lightly touch my hair, or my neck.  

Pauline mentioned that Doug loved music, and Christmas and loved to sketch. You can see a couple pieces of his art, and this Christmas picture ties with what Pauline said about a Christmas tree. Doug also played piano and guitar. Pauline said that Doug wants us to have no regrets and enjoy life to the fullest. This is meaningful to me because I have struggled with regret.  This was such a wonderful experience engineered by our loved ones in spirit; heartfelt thank-you to Pauline, HPH and our sons Ken and Doug.  

~Written by Ken and Doug's Dad, Dave Lyle 

Please watch Pauline's Gallery Reading on September 5th by clicking here.  

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