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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Deborah Connors' Validation from her son Jimi with Isabella Johnson

Deborah Connors' Validation from her son Jimi with Isabella Johnson

  • Posted
    • Jan
    • 22
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Sometimes a reading can hit even harder after it’s done!

Isabella Johnson had an amazing connection with my son Jimi on the 1/16/24 HPH session and his words to me strengthened my belief that he’s doing so much better now, even tho we both miss each other. He had been sick for so long and he showed her things he’s doing that he hadn’t been able to for some time, including eating all the food he wants!

Everything she said was a solid truth and I know came directly from my son. He mentioned a dog here but his dog passed before him, so I said no, and that I have his cats. I totally missed that I am visiting my daughter and my son helped take care of her dog for years before she moved away and that he always said it was his godpuppy! He cried terribly when they moved out of state. Riley was sitting with me on the couch in front of the round table he also mentioned and I know he meant that he is here with me! He kept saying that I had a mouse in the house: I know I don’t but he was pretty insistent on it and then I remembered that when I visited my friend’s gorgeous home in the country near San Diego a few weeks ago, we actually saw them twice in her house!! Again he let me know he is with me no matter where I am!

Isabella asked about pillows and I said I have his but also the ones I had made of him and his service dog, Wookie, who is with him. His bigger one gets hugged a lot and the smaller ones take turns traveling with me and omg I just realized that I took one to the zoo and got pictures with the giraffe while holding his pillow!!!! That’s 3 places this month I’ve been that he is totally aware of!! He has given me laughter along with the tears, and with his signs and visits, he helps me grow stronger spiritually. He has given me peace in knowing he is with me. As he told Isabella, he is, and always will be, my baby 💙🩷

~With love, Deborah Connors, Jimi's mom

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