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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Elise Hingson's Validation from her daughter, Ava, through Lisa Wilcoxson!

Elise Hingson's Validation from her daughter, Ava, through Lisa Wilcoxson!

  • Posted
    • May
    • 16
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
I was on the Mother's Day meeting on Sunday, May 14th with Lisa Wilcoxson and Britta Grubin and my daughter Ava came through to Lisa with some great evidence!
Lisa said:
1. Lipstick holds a special meaning - yes, Ava and I found the “perfect color” and it was a light shade of scarlet;
2. Brushing/painting something wood - yes, we just refinished a memorial bench;
3. Lisa said the word plaque - I just gave a plaque I had made in Ava’s honor to the equestrian center where Ava’s Meadow is now being called for her;
4. A special Mother’s Day necklace - I just came across this necklace today and put it on!
5. Music is a way Ava communicates with me - yes, I wake up with songs in my mind that remind me of Ava;
6. Lighting candles for Ava in my home, at the church and online, and she is lighting them for me;
7. Smiley faces drawn - Ava doodled smiley faces, flowers and mandalas in all her notebooks;
8. Going shopping and out for drives with a young guy/brother - Ava and I definitely loved shopping and drives are significant too. Ava is an only child so the young man is possibly about her boyfriend Patrick who I am in touch with and their college commencement was today;
9. Lisa described seeing a small knobby back massage tool - I’m a massage therapist!
10. Ava said she wants me to do more for myself as she knows I do more for others, and she wants me to feel happy and turn my frown upside down - today was especially sad because it was her graduation and my 3rd Mother’s Day since her passing. Her 22nd birthday is on May 20, and I’m so grateful she came through today!
This reading meant so much to me! I love hearing from Ava, and Lisa gave me happy memories and beautiful feelings which I’ll keep close to my heart! 
The picture above is of Ava and me on Mother’s Day 2018 when she was 17.
With love, Elise Hingson
Ava Hingson: 
May 20, 2001
November 17, 2020
Please watch Lisa and Britta's Mother's Day Gallery Reading by clicking here.

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