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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Elizabeth Boisson's Validation with her son Morgan, Pt 2

Elizabeth Boisson's Validation with her son Morgan, Pt 2

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 8
    • 2020
by Elizabeth Boisson

I was grateful to receive a reading Phillip Dykes and Kerry McLeod during their Zoom demonstration with Sandra Champlain on the Online Facebook Helping Parents Heal meeting. I had gazed at Morgan's picture just before the meeting and told him it would really be nice to hear from him, especially right now because of what is happening in the world.

Phillip had done a few readings and I was listening carefully to what he said.  He then started talking about a young man who was heavily into sports and had gone skiing with his family soon before he passed.  He was full of life and mischief and had blonde hair and blue eyes.  And he said that he had passed in an accident.  It took me a few seconds to register that Phillip was talking to Morgan because his hair hadn't been blonde since he was a child. I chimed in to let Sandra Champlain know that the message was for me.  

Phillip then told me many different things; notably that Morgan was mischievous and loved playing practical jokes, which is true, that he had no fear and lived life to the fullest, which is true.  As many of you know, his adventurous spirit led him to the Base Camp of Mt Everest in Tibet, where he passed of altitude sickness.   

Phillip spoke of a toboggan that Morgan mentioned - this is significant in two ways.  Our last Spring Break vacation with Morgan was spent in Jamaica and he was able to see the Bobsled (Toboggan) and meet Malik Yoba from 'Cool Runnings', which was one of his favorite movies.  And we always used to sled on Mont Aigoual in the south of France (one of Morgan's favorite places) whenever there was snow.  

Phillip had referenced a ski vacation; the year before Morgan passed, we spent our winter holidays skiing in Telluride.  Morgan wasn't able to snowboard because his feet were too long; he wore a size 17 shoe!  And we had to have his skis specially ordered. 

Phillip also mentioned that Morgan is my Shining Star; my girls purchased a star for my husband and me the year after Morgan passed that just so happens to be in the Ursa Major constellation, which means 'Big Bear'; Morgan's nickname.  Phillip had brought up the name 'Big Bear' in a reading with another mom prior to speaking to me.
Phillip also said that I have a recording of Morgan's voice and that I listen to it which is correct; Morgan had recorded himself singing 'I Believe I Can Fly' by R. Kelly the summer before he passed.  We love listening to it and we know it was not a coincidence that he recorded it. 

Phillip said that Morgan looks over us from his picture on the wall. We have many pictures of Morgan that watch over our home, notably the ones of him at the Base Camp of Mt Everest in Tibet and of him with his sisters.

Phillip also said that I worried about how he passed; Morgan suffered for many hours from altitude sickness and no one was able to help, however Phillip told me that Morgan wanted me to know that he passed in an instant and that I should not worry that I was unable to be with him when he did.

Phillip ended by saying that Morgan comes to me as birds.  He asked if they come up to my window and in fact, they do so all the time.  Phillip said that Morgan was showing me that he is with me more than ever right now.  And while I was in a Zoom meeting a few hours later, a mourning dove flew right into our pane window and then flew away.  No coincidence that Morgan had recorded 'I Believe I Can Fly' the summer before he passed!

The bird made a huge bang and everyone in the Zoom meeting jumped.  Morgan clearly wanted to be sure that I received his messages!  Thank you Morgan, and thank you Phillip Dykes, Kerry McCleod and Sandra Champlain!  This reading was recorded; please click 
here to view!

🙏💙-With love, Morgan's proud mom, Elizabeth Boisson

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