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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Gayla's Validation with her Son and Grandaughter through Kat Baillie

Gayla's Validation with her Son and Grandaughter through Kat Baillie

  • Posted
    • Sep
    • 2
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Clockwise from left: Sadie Dawn, Sawyer, Kat Baillie, handpicked flowers, Clover field

Kat Baillie called on me direct during the Gallery reading on 8-29-23. I had had a couple of extra difficult days prior and attended as a distraction for my spinning head, hoping to at least hear others get some encouragement. I was so low on hope at the moment, I did not consider I might get a reading for myself.

She quickly gave information that was validating about my granddaughters passing as quick, traumatic, tragic, and an absolute heartache. She mentioned my son and granddaughter giving me flowers and detailed extensively that they were handpicked rather than bought. This detail was validating as my son never bought me flowers but would always pick natural ones instead. It is one of the sweet, sweet memories I have of how he loved me.

In the 4th month after his death, I was walking on our property, listening to an audible book and the character in the book said, “What are you going to focus on? Clover fields or death?” At that EXACT moment, I turned the corner and saw this amazing clover field in full bloom. It was on my son’s property and I had totally forgotten that he had planted that field, for the deer and bees, the year before he passed. It was stunning. I just sobbed. It was the first time I saw beauty or color in my after. I went back to my house and got his yoga mat and my camera and returned to spend a couple hours on his mat, focusing on his clover field, not death.

Kat said he showed himself to her walking on a beach and told me to walk in nature and process my emotions and to be gentle with myself. I have had a beach trip scheduled to start next week. He knows.

He then told her about “Investigation paperwork” that I was upset about. He told he to tell me to “calm down and be patient with the paperwork”. This was exactly what I had been struggling with the last two days that had my head in such a spin. This validation was so comforting to me to feel that the is still around me. She then specified “blood tests” and that was a specific part of the paperwork I had been dealing with. Very on target.

He was leaving her in mystery on the gallery reading a bit and she did not quite understand why. He pleaded with Kat to finish with me privately due to sensitive information that is not large group appropriate. She did meet with me two days later, adding many more specific validations. A few including my granddaughters’ personality, her stuffed animal, her hair style, her toy shelf, her boxed book set, and how very brave and capable she was -even as a toddler. She assured me they are together and well. I needed that hope and comfort.

My son also showed her a project (Mixtiles) that I had completed that week in our home that included his photos. He said, “Kat, she can see me everywhere she looks and I want you to let her know that I can see her as well. I’m fine, mom, everything is fine.” He pleaded with Kat to “help give my mom some peace. I just want her to be OK and well.” He ended by mentioning my hummingbirds and said, “The nectar is sweet here. We are OK”.

~Sawyer and Sadie Dawn's Mom and Grandmother, Gayla Claborn

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