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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Gertie Heck's Validation with her son Joey and her brother Michael through Daisy Mae Moore

Gertie Heck's Validation with her son Joey and her brother Michael through Daisy Mae Moore

  • Posted
    • Mar
    • 17
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Gertie's son Joey, her brother Michael, and Daisy Mae Moore

Imagine my surprise when Daisy Mae Moore spoke about something in my utility room that was my sons and I said no but I have my brother's baby photos in there and he is in heaven too. I mean who would know that there is something personal in the laundry room right? 

Who hang’s baby photos there lol! The back door is there also, so it is actually where others see it when they come in through that door.   And then I got chills from my upper body to my arms which just gives you that extra knowing… truth bumps.

Daisy mentioned sounds like things getting knocked over and when I go to look, nothing has fallen down.  Just yesterday, I swear I heard a mousetrap go off but when I looked, it hadn’t!  It happens a lot and I have imagined that it was my son playing around.  Daisy confirmed that.

Daisy started off talking about twins.  I got to thinking how others think my two youngest sons look so much alike to others that when my older son walked into the store where Joe’s girlfriend worked when we were looking for him, she thought it was Joey.  To me they don’t look that much alike but to others, even someone he lived with for three years, I guess they do.  People always say it but I don’t see it.

Then she mentioned singing.  Joel’s brother was in a band.  He could play the guitar but to carry a tune just wasn’t in the cards lol.  Still picking on him from the other side!  Brotherly love! Oh boy, his  brother just called and I mentioned this to him.  I guess when they sang in the car when they were younger, they would fight about singing.  He would tell him if he didn’t know the words he couldn’t sing the song.  I told him Daisy said Joey was picking on him from the other side, he said I can’t blame him, I picked on him a lot when we were younger, so it’s all good!

Daisy brought up 2011.  I realized later that year was significant because that was the year my son bought his first car.  He was so proud of that accomplishment!!!

So many things were validated, I can’t remember them all, but it was really good to hear my son and brother were still hanging out together and messing around.

Thank you HPH for these wonderful opportunities and to those who take the time out of their life to bring them to us!!! 

~Sending love and light, Gertie

Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here.  

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