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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Heather Spilotro's Validation with her son Luke through Kat Baillie

Heather Spilotro's Validation with her son Luke through Kat Baillie

  • Posted
    • Aug
    • 30
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
Clockwise from left: Luke with flower, Luke's muscles, Kat B, Kate with Viola, Louie
I would like to let you know how very grateful I am to have found Helping Parents Heal!  What a wonderful organization!
My son, Luke, passed 10/27/2022.  We watched him struggle for several years, and he took his own life.  It is still such a shock for our entire family and everyone he knew.
He is the youngest of 3, and my only son.
I am AMAZED at the wonderful reading I had from Kat Baillie on August 29th.  She really was spot on about so many details.  There is no doubt she was speaking for my Luke!
Kat kept seeing someone playing violin, maybe even professionally.  But, Luke was referring to his sister Kate.  Kate is very musically inclined.  And as Kat said - she can pick up almost any instrument and play.
Kate plays viola, not violin.  But the viola has been in our house for years even though she has married and moved out.  When we would attend Kate's concerts and Luke was quite young he really loved to pretend he was playing, or sometimes would be the "conductor" leading the orchestra.
Luke was correct - when referring to Kate as the "Goody Two Shoes" of the family lol!  She has had many positive changes happening to her lately.  It is incredible that he sees that.
Kat had mentioned a small, furry animal - maybe a cat?  rubbing up against her legs.  That is my new little dog Louie.  He is very much a "cat sized" dog, whenever I am meditating (or just sitting lol) he rubs up against my legs wanting to be scratched or picked up.  I certainly do have "empty nest syndrome"  Louie is dog number 3 added to our rescue bunch.  Although we still have Luke's sister Olivia here at home, I have really been missing the time when I had all 3 kids under my roof.  It was a crazy boisterous time, and it is very quiet in the house now.  Kat said that I hate the silent house, and I really do.
Luke mentioned my thoughts of downsizing, and this is very true!  This isn't the house that I raised the kids in (I am a Realtor and investor - we fix and flip our homes).  I am always looking for the next property, but I have been hesitant to move.  Luke's bedroom and things are here.  I am not ready to leave just yet.  BUT - we do have a little house in my hometown downstate.  My dream is to spend part of the week there (3 state parks with so much beautiful nature).  I guess Luke is telling me to "go for it" and make that happen.  It is certainly a healing place for me.
Kat described Luke polishing, or carving a stone or crystal.  He said I need to work on "grounding" myself.  Again - this is an incredible detail!  I have been working very hard on my spiritual journey.  I am learning and practicing Reiki.  I am learning all about crystals and the energy and healing properties they have.  I did go into Luke's room and found a bit of a red carnelian stone that fit into the locket I was wearing.  Kat said I need to ground myself and the red stone is a grounding stone!  I have a dear friend who has been helping me work on my spiritual gifts.  I especially want to work on being able to contact Luke.  I keep hearing from several people that I need to work on grounding myself because my "gift of sight" is coming!  
Luke said I need to start weight training - another amazing message!  When my children were small, I was very much into strength training. The past several years I have been so focused on work that I stopped working out.  The past few weeks I have been thinking about how much I miss working out.  Especially weight training - the endorphin boost used to keep me "sane".  WOW!  Just WOW!  He really is right here with me!
Kat said Luke has a big group of boys who he hangs out with on the other side.  I am not surprised!  He has a great group of friends here too.  He has such a wonderful sense of humor and is such a sweet, caring soul.  I love the tip from Kat about picturing Luke's silly muscle man pic whenever I start thinking of his last moments.  I promise I will do that.  Kat said Luke was trying to take off her shirt when describing his muscle man picture!  I am laughing about it right now!
My daughter Kate and I feel as though we had a visit from Luke last night.  I can't tell you how much this has aided our healing and it gives us so much hope!  
Thank you Kat and Elizabeth and EVERYONE involved in Helping Parents Heal!
~Heather Spilotro
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