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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Helping Parents Heal Turns 10 on October 20, 2019

Helping Parents Heal Turns 10 on October 20, 2019

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    • Oct
    • 16
    • 2019
by Elizabeth Boisson

This month marks exactly ten years since my beautiful son Morgan transitioned at the Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet from severe altitude sickness, on October 20th, 2009. I was able to speak to Morgan by telephone as he was undergoing CPR after he had stopped breathing.  I told him that we loved him, we were proud of him, and not to be afraid.  At that instant, I felt him hug me from the inside.  I immediately knew that Morgan was not gone and that love lives forever.  

At that time, I tried to find a parent group to help me heal and to move forward, knowing that Morgan was with me every step of the way.  Unfortunately, none existed.  I started the Helping Parents Heal Facebook group (at that time called Parents United in Loss) a week after Morgan passed and began to meet other parents who knew and acknowledged that they were also receiving signs and validations from their children.  Our group began holding meetings in January, 2010, and Mark Ireland was our first guest speaker.  Two years later, in March 2012, Mark and I joined forces to create the nonprofit Helping Parents Heal, Inc.  With the help of current and former Board Members, including Doryce Norwood, Dr. Mark Pitstick, Ernie Jackson, Irene Vouvalides, Jason Durham, Jeff Hollahan and Brian Smith, as well as our admins: Laurie Savoie (secretary), Theresa Wettstein (accountant) and Celia Cheves Edwards, we have grown and have been able to help many more parents.  

Plus we now have almost 100 affiliate groups and leaders, guided by our Affiliate Directors, Dawn Richards and Mary Bertun. These include our Online group with Brian Smith, Tracy Soussi, Tywana Smith and Beth West, as well as many special-interest groups such as Helping Fathers Heal run by Mike Edwards, Helping Siblings Heal and many more, helping to heal thousands of parents.  Our Helping Parents Heal - Main Facebook Group currently counts over 12,400 members.  Plus we have wonderful international affiliates in Canada and the United Kingdom.

Linda McCarthy has done an amazing job guiding the Caring Listeners, a group that was spearheaded by Dr. Mark Pitstick.  And we have had enormous support from the Afterlife community, initially through Susanne Wilson and Suzanne Giesemann and later from so many others.   As Susanne Wilson says, Morgan has been one of my greatest teachers. I feel humbled to have collaborated with him since January 2010. Morgan showed me exactly how the children in Heaven band together to help their families on Earth meet one another. The families become friends who, together, celebrate this wonderful greater reality: love lives forever!

In closing, it must be said that Irene Vouvalides' courageous, groundbreaking idea to hold a First Helping Parents Heal Conference in Scottsdale, AZ in April 2018 that drew 500 parents was one of the most far-reaching, healing milestones that Helping Parents Heal has accomplished.  Jason Durham also provided wonderful graphic art and support for the conference. And our Second Helping Parents Heal Conference in Charleston, SC in April 2020 will be even better!  It is almost sold out.  If you have not yet registered, please be sure to do so!  We would not want you to miss this supportive, uplifting event.

Our kids are not gone!  They walk with us every day and are our biggest cheerleaders.  They are now 'home' and we are still 'in school'.  Although Morgan passed 10 years ago, we continue to receive signs from him.  Please see my most recent validation with Morgan on the right-hand column! 

We are grateful that you have found us.  This newsletter is a space that allows us to share our amazing children. We are all in this together.  We understand and we walk the same path. Thank you for your compassion and for the constant support you provide.  Together, we will help each other heal!

With love and light, 
-Elizabeth Boisson, Proud Mom of Morgan, Chelsea, Alix and Christine, President and Co-Founder of Helping Parents Heal, Newsletter Editor and Phoenix/Scottsdale Affiliate Leader

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