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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
HPH - Art for the Heart welcomed another Co-Affiliate Leader, Joyce Bohm

HPH - Art for the Heart welcomed another Co-Affiliate Leader, Joyce Bohm

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 12
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson
Christy Burton Majors/ Ann-marie Taplin/Joyce Bohm
Please join me in welcoming our newest Co-Affiliate Leader, Joyce Bohm of HPH - Art for the Heart! We are grateful to have her on our team of wonderful volunteers.
My lifelong spiritual seeking took a dramatic turn when my daughter Tess was reborn into spirit in December, 2019. Within days, Tess was connecting with me, explaining that our relationship was “the same, but different.” My passion quickly became exploring what this meant and developing my communication with Tess. I have no doubt she led me to Helping Parents Heal where I have found a bounty of resources, teachers, mediums, and an extremely supportive community of friends that I could never have imagined in the days following her passing. Throughout it all, I have used art to express my grief, connect with Tess, and mostly, to heal. Inspired by Tess and her friends from across the veil, Art for the Heart was formed to bring healing through our creativity and to deepen our connection with our kids.
Anne-Marie’s elder son, Harry, transitioned in October 2020, aged just 19, in a motorcycle accident. She has been a member of HPH Australia/New Zealand since January 2021 and is grateful for the focus on signs, the afterlife, films and books about spirituality and beyond. Since Harry’s accident, she has immersed herself in art and creativity, including writing about the experience of loss and connection. She has active communication with her son through abundant dreams and visitations as well as the occasional sign, for which she is beyond grateful. She is also mum to George, aged 18, and lives in Adelaide, Australia.
Like most of you, my spiritual journey really took off when my daughter, Courtney, 32, returned to Spirit in Feb of 2022. Just days into her coma, before her transition, she communicated with me and I knew right away she was still here and would always be, just in a different form. I began my search to figure out how to communicate with her more frequently and in other ways.I have so much communication with Courtney through dream visits, meditation and with so many signs.
She led me to Helping Parents Heal which I joined in April of 2022 and I've learned so much on this journey and have met so many supportive parents.
I live in Texas with my husband, Brian, and have a son, Caleb 27, earthbound who gave me a granddaughter , Sofia, a year ago. I was a professional portrait photographer and have been nudged to pick up my paintbrushes and I have been creating things with Courtney right beside me for the last several months.
I have managed to find happiness again, which is something I didn't expect. Now I live to make Courtney proud and to make the most of this precious journey called LIFE.
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