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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Jane B's Validation with her daughter, Alice, through Britta Grubin

Jane B's Validation with her daughter, Alice, through Britta Grubin

  • Posted
    • Jun
    • 6
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

I am so grateful to have received such a beautiful Mother’s Day message from my daughter Alice–thank you again Britta Grubin!  Alice transitioned a few weeks after her 17th birthday in June of 2021 after a long struggle with cancer and straight away she started sending dragonfly signs.  

The first sign was less than two weeks after her passing when I was talking on the phone with my husband who was in his lab.  While we were talking he said that a dragonfly was banging non-stop on the window and sent me a screenshot.  Shortly afterwards, we received many other dragonfly signs in unusual places and circumstances; and yes, there are many dragonflies in the home!  Alice loved to dance and almost always conveys this to let me know that now she is completely healthy, whole and doing all that she loves to do (and more!) but was no longer able to pursue due to her illness.

There were so many incredible validations from Britta–dance outfits and recitals when younger, the fresh eggs, toast, the two flower stems in a vase–all meaningful and relevant–showing us that our children are involved in our lives and with us all the time!  And as is often the case, no sooner had the message ended I suddenly realized that I had just posted a photo on my FB page of Alice at age three wearing a shirt with dragonflies and dancing on the lawn with her arms outstretched–just as she presented herself to Britta!  

Many thanks to Elizabeth, Irene and all the wonderful folks at HPH!

~Jane B
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