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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Julie Singleton's Validation with her son Loïc through James Van Praagh

Julie Singleton's Validation with her son Loïc through James Van Praagh

  • Posted
    • May
    • 24
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Julie & Loïc/James Van Praagh

I just wanted to thank the Helping Parents Heal organization and especially thanks to James Van Praagh for the reading last night. 

What a beautiful surprise to have him call me first.

He started right off talking about my son being a reader and having lots of books around him. When he first learned to read, he would becoming engrossed in the story, the way he would be engrossed in everything that interested him, and he couldn’t put it down. He had that kind of focused, engrossed personality (addictive is another word).

James also talked about the dentist which didn’t really make sense at the time but then I remembered that I’ve always thought about how when he went around 18 or 19 to have his wisdom teeth removed he was asking the dentist lots of questions about the drugs the dentist would be using and he really really liked the high it produced (I later learned from my daughter). I feel like that was his first taste of opioids. Not too much later, he was using street bought “Xanax” to get high at night, maybe to shut off the brain and get some sleep. I learned this later. It was Xanax laced with fentanyl that killed him.

James talked about a song written for Loïc but actually Loïc played music and he once wrote a song for a young friend who died of suicide in high school. Although it’s quite probable, but another friend of his wrote him a song.

He said he loved the things planted for him and there is a tree planted for him in the park where he used to play with his brother as a child. He mentioned flowers and plants which both I and his father love. Nature is my balm.

He said it couldn’t have been any other way and I do know this. I’ve been on a spiritual path from many years before my son died. And since he died, I have come to believe, as painful as it is, that this pain is what is teaching me and helping me grow. 

And he said that Loïc said that I feel like he’s teaching me and he says he is, he is. I feel this very deeply. He teaches me about patience and compassion and love with a capital L. 

He said we’re all here. And I often think of all my ancestors, the ones of the highest Light, teaching me and helping me. It’s interesting that he spoke of skiing because Loïc was much more of a skateboarder than a skier. However, we did ski in Colorado a few years before he died and I just recently moved to Colorado and I’ve already skied twice since I got here in April.

James spoke picture that kept falling. I had a postcard of a hawk perched on the box with his cremains, which was a symbol of him because the day after he died a hawk flew low right above me on the back porch and landed on the telephone wire just between myself and where my daughter was sleeping. It perched there and gazed in my direction for quite a while. That picture of the hawk would often fall down and I felt it was Loïc saying hello. 

~In Love and Light, Julie

Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here.  

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