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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Karen Nicholson's Validation from her son Christopher through Pauline Mason

Karen Nicholson's Validation from her son Christopher through Pauline Mason

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 21
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Christopher with one of the avalanche dogs-in-training/Pauline Mason

I was in the middle of a very busy afternoon, working on the computer when a reminder popped up 30 minutes before the HPH meeting was to begin.

I felt very drawn to get on the call, and the very last reading of the session Pauline Mason connected with a young man that I immediately knew was my son, Christopher. The validations were amazing.

She started by describing him being outdoors, in a plaid shirt, with lots of friends... all very much my son. My son, Chris, a ski and avalanche patroller, died in a ski accident while working on the mountain in January, 2020. She described him dying of a possible head injury. Chris was actually found upside down in an area with unstable snow in one of the canyons and the actual determined cause of death was snow immersion. Although a rescue attempt was made and CPR was done, he did not survive.

Pauline mentioned him standing by a big truck and I was unsure about that but later realized that could have been the moving truck we rented when he moved all of his belongings across the country a few years ago, and it was our last road trip together as mother and son.

She mentioned his love of the water, snorkeling and scuba diving. She mentioned a poem read at his celebration of life, and I was the one who actually read it.

She said he was "cheeky" and lived fast ... all true. She commented that he loved to make people laugh and he always did. Pauline said at the end that she wanted to leave me with 2 names ... CHRIS and TONY. I never mentioned my son's name until then, and simply said "Chris is my son". Also our good friend Tony had quite recently talked to me about Chris and told some funny stories about him from our past family sailing vacations where we also did snorkeling and scuba diving.

This was such a wonderful and needed validation and I am so grateful to Pauline Mason and HPH for the wonderful support as we all grieve the loss of our children.

~With love, Karen Nicholson

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