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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Karen Shuster's Validation from her son Morris through Stacey Lynn Cripps

Karen Shuster's Validation from her son Morris through Stacey Lynn Cripps

  • Posted
    • Jan
    • 18
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Morris, Stacey Lynn Cripps

I want to thank HPH for giving me the amazing opportunity to connect with my son in this gallery reading with Stacey Lynn Cripps on December 12th. It has brought me so much peace, guidance, and joy.

I always attend Stacey’s readings because there is so much to be learnt from the healing messages she brings. Also, I am certain that my son in spirit, Morris is a huge fan because this is the second time this year he has appeared. Stacey can communicate so easily with him and convey his personality as well as his many wonderful validations and lessons.

Stacey described and spoke of Morris exactly as he was; confident, handsome, and full of love. On earth he was incredibly handsome with huge blue eyes and a broad cheeky smile.  I feel there is more depth to this description. He used the word handsome to imply that he is no longer sick. She also referred to him as feeling free which means free from the heaviness of a long illness and all the obstacles he faced.

Morris also made it clear that he was the Australian in the group by spelling out that I am MUM. This is the Australian spelling and he also validated that we’re in Melbourne. Stacey knew his name started with “M”, he was 20 years old, and she was patting her face exactly the way he would when he was thinking. She described a large window and a blue sky which was the view ahead of me which she could not have possibly known or seen from zoom.

Aside from the many confirmations that Morris is still so present, this was also a reading of our souls. Morris is so entwined in my life, thoughts, feelings, and future. He acknowledged that I am trying to support other bereaved mothers and he is orchestrating these meetings and connections with our children. Stacey said that he is with his gang. The synchronicity of this message is so powerful because my friend Karol was also in the meeting, and her daughter Olivia was piggy backing with the girls in the first reading. So, Morris was clarifying that he and Olivia are together. What was most inspiring was to hear that Morris is my co collaborator and that he wants me to trust him to lead me in my future endeavours.

Thank you, Stacey, for this generous and beautiful gift of connection, I am so grateful.

~Morris' Mom, Karen Shuster

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