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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Kathy MacMannis' Validation with her sons Aiden and Conor through James Van Praagh

Kathy MacMannis' Validation with her sons Aiden and Conor through James Van Praagh

  • Posted
    • May
    • 27
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Aiden and Conor/Conor/James Van Praagh

I am still in awe and over the moon after having a reading with James Van Praagh!  Thank you Elizabeth and Irene for working tirelessly and for providing so many incredible opportunities for us!

James started talking about a young man that fell from a great height.  My son, Conor, fell from his 9th floor balcony.  James said that Conor was talking about me writing and that I need to write "the book".  I had to laugh, because the way James said it was just like the way Conor would have said it.  Just slightly sarcastic, but with love and humor,  so like Conor! 
James said that Conor was stressing that this was an accident, not intentional.  Conor has said this before in readings with other mediums and I know it to be true.  Eight months before Conor passed his brother, Aiden, crossed over by suicide.   There were beautiful messages about what Conor is doing now.  Helping others that crossed over like he did, suddenly and unexpected.   James talked about how some of those in spirit help others that pass the same way.  He specifically brought up an example of a person in spirit who had been in the military and was greeted by his military "brothers and sisters".    That story in itself was so evidential.  Conor, and his brothers were brought up in a military family.  My husband was in the Marine Corps for 30 years.  I know this was Conor's way of including dad in the reading and that Aiden was right there to greet him.   James also talked about Conor being a leader, which is so true.  
James included Aiden, our youngest son, in the reading as well.  He recognized that Conor and Aiden's personalities were so different, like chalk and cheese!  Absolutely true.  Conor was impulsive at times and Aiden liked to research.  Conor could be very focused on a task and Aiden was very empathetic and thoughtful.  James made me laugh as he talked about them still teasing each other and fighting then laughing and teasing some more. I could just feel them both so present.   He brought more evidence through, mentioning that I still have t-shirts from both boys and boxes with their belongings labeled with their names.  I absolutely do!  They talked about May being an important month, it's my birthday on the 29th of May and this was a wonderful early birthday present!  
James finished up by talking about the book I am to write.  Again, this is evidential as Conor is very persistent and I know he will keep bringing it up until I take action!  I love that James let me know that Conor (and Aiden, I'm sure) will be helping me to write our story.  It couldn't be any other way. ❤️🦋
~Kathy MacMannis, Co-Affiliate Director, Affiliate Leader of HPH - Northern Virginia
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