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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Lisa Marchese's Healing with Judith Hancox after the passing of her son, Peter

Lisa Marchese's Healing with Judith Hancox after the passing of her son, Peter

  • Posted
    • Mar
    • 11
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson
Peter, Lisa and Peter, Judith Hancox

Since my son Peter William transitioned in March of 2022 I have been on a journey, with his guidance, to “find” him and be able to have a relationship with him in our new context. He quickly led me to Helping Parents Heal through his amazing signs and synchronicities. Since joining, I have been attending most of the zoom meetings offered hosting mediums, presenters of afterlife information, healers, authors, other parents, etc. These all, in some way, have been tremendously helpful. Recently, I was nudged to try the Shiome Healing Circle with Judith Hancox

We as parents, whose child has transitioned, struggle with not only the pain of losing our child in the physical, but with the trauma that often goes with it. I attended my first Shiome session in hopes of reducing my trauma, but I had great anxiety of not knowing what to expect and fear of having to “face” the trauma. For these reasons, it was difficult for me to follow along with the healing techniques Judith presented. Peter, Lisa and Peter, Judith Hancox As the session went on, in a very caring environment, I became more at ease.

Judith is very understanding and works with everyone until they feel relief. She also assigns a Shining Light Support Parent volunteer to each attendee, who watches you closely, and who you can reach out to at any time for assistance during the meeting. 

I decided to try again and attended the second meeting the following month. This time I knew what to expect, and I knew I would feel safe, and could just let go and focus on the techniques presented. I lit some incense and felt my son Peter William with me the whole time. 

I found it to be so healing! Judith and her team are a blessing. I have even emailed them after the sessions with questions and everyone is so caring. They dedicate their time and energy and genuinely want to “help parents heal.” I am looking forward to the next healing circle and to continue healing from my trauma. The Shiome Healing Circle is truly a gift! Thank you all at Helping Parents Heal for everything you do. It’s amazing how our children know and connect us to exactly what we need! 

~With much love, 

Lisa Marchese (and Peter William Marchese)

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