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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Mara Navaretta's Validation with her daughter Sabrina through Mark Anthony

Mara Navaretta's Validation with her daughter Sabrina through Mark Anthony

  • Posted
    • Dec
    • 5
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
The reading on December 5th with Mark Anthony meant so much to my family.
The validations were incredible. Sabrina’s has the most beautiful eyes and he noticed them. In her eyes you see her kindness. 
Mark mentioned diamonds and 4 being an important number. She was born 4/3 and her accident was 4/28. 
He made us laugh because anything that floats through the air I think is from Sabrina. And every feather we say is from Sabrina. He said that Sabrina said “ enough with the feathers”.
John and our daughter Nicolle made a vegetable garden after the accident and planted tomatoes as well as other herbs and there were so many tomatoes. Tons and tons of tomatoes.
Red roses are her favorite flower and he mentioned them. That we will see them in a dream visit and that we are ready for that. 
Most importantly, we had heard several times that it was her “ time” and he mentioned the hand of fate. That it was her time….. I struggle with that every day. I need to know that it was in her plan and he put my mind at ease ( if that’s even possible). 
Mark Anthony had us baffled with the Roman numeral 12 …. And that “ she wasn’t going to go”

We now know what it means … Sabrina was revived in the ambulance and the trauma center after the accident and she had a choice to stay here or go to Heaven - she chose to go to Heaven. “ she wasn’t going to go”. She considered staying but her Grandma in Heaven explained that her life would be different than before as she would be paralyzed ( we got this from an earlier reading)

The Roman numeral 12 ( which he said was about a clock) was the time the police rang the bell ….at  midnight.
Mark was fascinated with her eyes. He was kinda baffled - “ like 2 different colors”

Sabrina's eyes are beautiful but after her transition, they were donated. She was an organ donor and her eyes were donated.  He was getting a sense of something …. Maybe that’s what it was.

I just think Mark Anthony is amazing.
Thank you for the opportunity. 
~Sabrina's proud mom, Mara Navaretta
Please watch the YouTube video by clicking here.  

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