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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Margaret Maroney's Validation with her son James through Mark Anthony

Margaret Maroney's Validation with her son James through Mark Anthony

  • Posted
    • Dec
    • 12
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

James, Guardian Angel Necklace, Mark Anthony

I’m sure my son was coming through last night with Mark Anthony during the last reading on December 5th.    All of what Mark said (except the age of the male) was resonating with us and I wanted to let Mark know.  I didn’t want to interrupt the reading after I realized the obvious clues I kept hearing. It wasn’t until Mark got to the tire connection that I was positive it was our James.

Initially we weren’t sure because Mark said the spirit looked older (late 20’s initially).    Our James had a beard and looked older than his 22 years.   Mark described a ‘draining issue’ as contributing to his passing – which we think might also refer to his addiction, but this initially threw us off as he kept saying it might be cancer related..

James suffered from seizures. We thought this might be the head pain Mark discussed.  He had a CT scan the week before he passed (which turned out normal).   He definitely had nausea from his addictions.

Mark mentioned the archangel Michael and that the spirit liked pictures of angels – James’s father is Michael.   James collected religious art and hung pictures of angels in his room.   He gave me a guardian angel necklace to keep me safe when I travelled.

On a side note – Mike left before this particular reading began last night and without having seen the video.  Today he went to a local church, St Michael’s, to light votive candles for James and other deceased relatives.  Since we are visiting family and not home, James had never been to this church but may have seen his father visiting St Michael’s church.

Writing, writing, writing – I would often write letters and lists of things to do, ways to get healthy, letters of support to James and very deep personal letters as he preferred this communication to talking. – and he would save all of them.

Jack-o-lanterns (possible a J name) - our son was James.  He passed in October.

Sophisticated communication level – we’ve had some amazing early signs from James.

Death-bed experience – my husband was home and had a strong experience of his mom and dad visiting him ( both are in spirit) about the time we think James passed in his room   My husband cried because their visit was so powerful.

Purple – I buy purple tulips and bunches of daffodils  every spring.

Windmills as a clue – I grew up in South Holland, IL. I’m visiting my family  during this reading,.   James constantly talked about visiting grandma before he transitioned.  

James had lots of problems with his teeth – he had multiple dental visits the week before he passed, He had terrible tooth pain and had surgery scheduled.

Electrical anomalies -  one week after he passed – a light outside his room flashed continuously around the time we thought he passed.   I actually spoke to the light.  I said this is going to freak me out if it continues.   It stopped flashing,  I said James, if it’s you- come back.   It came back on for another 20 minutes and then stopped.   Hasn’t flashed or gone out since.                                                                                                                                      

May connection- my wedding anniversary.   Since it’s the month of Mary according to Mark – my mother’s name is Mary (James’s grandmother, who we’re now visiting).  My name is Margaret.  .

The educator in the family (named Mary) – his grandmother, Mary, was a life-long teacher.   She now has dementia and normally can’t remember family members; however, she told us recently that James and his grandfather James who he’s named after  came to visit her. And she remembered to tell us of the visit. Both very unusual for her!

Tires – I had been reminding Mike that we needed to check the tires before we started our 2400 mile drive back to Seattle  Had them checked today, preparing for our drive back.   They were low :).

We realized a lot of this after the reading, and as I said, I didn’t want to interrupt the current reading that he was doing.

I wanted to let you and Mark know this.  It was amazing!

We were thrilled and so grateful!

Peace - Meg Maroney and Mike Greene

Please watch the YouTube Video by clicking here.  

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