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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Melissa Sturdy's Validation from Linnea through Lisa Morrison

Melissa Sturdy's Validation from Linnea through Lisa Morrison

  • Posted
    • Jul
    • 20
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Linnea Dancing, Melissa and Linnea, Lisa Morrison

My daughter Linnea came through to Medium Lisa Morrison on June 27th. It wasn’t just an amazing reading for me, it helped my daughters fiancé tremendously, as well, as he suffers too ❗️ He just had a birthday, and posted , My one birthday wish, dancing in the sky (Linnea).

I have been asking her, what are you doing on the other-side, honey?  We both got a wish and a question answered from Lisa ❣️ she’s dancing, she’s ok, and without any pain. 

Lisa presented clear evidence regarding my daughter being a trained ballet dancer, she had several years of ballet training, through Boston Ballet, they only have a classical piano player in their classes. She danced  in the Nutcracker at the Boston Wang Theater, I have kept Linnea’s Ballet slippers . We also attended Ballets together, like Romeo and Juliet, and others. 

Lisa said Linnea taught herself how to play the piano , yes that is true, I have video ‘s of her playing and singing, Lisa said there was a thought of Linnea  teaching dance, and that was another yes, and for me the thought of her teaching dance hit home as a close friend of hers told me that he had a vivid dream visit from Linnea, where she was teaching him to dance.🎶 

I do believe that the autopsy was mentioned because it was an issue for me, not wanting to read it. 

At the end of the reading a possible medical issue had been mentioned and I do think that maybe another child could have been chiming in , but also not having read the autopsy , cancels my knowing, if she had an ongoing issue that also could of contributed to her physically leaving us. I can only, love and honor her beautiful spirit now💝 Thank you to Helping Parents Heal and Lisa, for helping me in my healing ❣️

~Sincerely, Melissa Sturdy 

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