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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Mike and Meg Greene's Validation from their son Jamie through Kathi Behrens

Mike and Meg Greene's Validation from their son Jamie through Kathi Behrens

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 19
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Jamie and his dog, Charlie, Kathi Behrens

Meg and I are Including a validation for the reading Kathi Behrens did on February 6th.   We believe our son, James/Jamie, who transitioned at 22 early last October, came through.  

My wife, Meg, and I separately asked Jamie to join this meeting.  Meg heard a response saying "I'm coming, mom."  Kathi insisted that the spirit she felt was excited to communicate with a couple and we usually join these meetings together.   

I was not on this meeting, but Jamie had a message for dad.  I've been feeling guilty and going over 'what-ifs' on how we could have prevented all this   When his friend's now visit, I ask why they think this happened.   Kathi mentioned there was nothing that could be done to prevent his transition and it wasn't my fault (I was home with him at the time).   Jamie said I should stop asking why.   It was good to hear.

Kathi referred to a name we used ending in 'bear.'  I had a nickname for Jamie ending in 'bear.'

Kathi saw a microphone and said he was singing, singing, singing.  That he was in a band or part of a band.   Jamie used to sing frequently in the car with mom.   He and a friend used to help set up equipment for my 'dad band' at events or weddings.   Very fun days.   He played keyboards on this own music and was learning to play bass - so he could join a band, he said. 

Kathi mentioned dark or heavy metal music.    His mom found him with this music blasting on his ear buds.   He released several albums of dark ambient or dungeon synth music online.   We often discussed how these might affect his anxiety and depression.   In the reading he assured us that these soothed his mind and his soul.

Kathi referred to earrings or something larger in his ears.  I interpreted these as the earbuds we gave him for his last birthday.  He didn't want to accept presents then and handed them back.   In a better state of mind, we looked everywhere for those and couldn't find them.   They turned up the weekend before the reading in a place that we searched before.   He was wearing earbuds when he passed.

Kathi said James was with his grandfather (in spirit), who he's named after.     It's good to hear they're together, and apparently, they travel together.   They visited Meg's 93-year-old mom, who has severe dementia, but unbelievably was able to tell us, by name, about their visit in spirit last October.   She normally doesn't remember family names or that she was married. 

It was nice to get birthday greetings - my birthday is early January,  we celebrated grandpa's in late January, Meg's is February.  

Writing, writing, writing.   We discovered documents that Jamie wrote about recent experiences, and we've been reading those for the first time.  As Kathi said, he accurately described himself as a 'little hellion.'

Packing boxes - Meg was packing Jamie's childhood things to send to a 2-year-old cousin.  Meg sent a shirt he wore at that age.  She unexpectedly came across a picture of Jamie with his cousin Caroline in the shirt prior to sending and sent that too.  Nice to know, Kathi said Jamie saw this and approved.

We're including a picture of Jamie and the dog, Charlie, who appeared on the meeting.   Meg and Jamie rescued the dog during Covid and we have lots of pictures.   As Meg and Kathi mentioned, Charlie is aware of Jamie's spirit being around and often leads Meg on detours during walks to beautiful signs.

~Thank you for everything you do, Mike and Meg Greene

Please watch the YouTube of this meeting by clicking here.  

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