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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
NEW AFFILIATE GROUP! Helping Parents Heal - Louisville, KY!

NEW AFFILIATE GROUP! Helping Parents Heal - Louisville, KY!

  • Posted
    • Feb
    • 20
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Please join us in welcoming Sarah King, Carre Tucker and Maureen Underhill, who will be the Affiliate Leaders of Helping Parents Heal - Louisville, KY! 

Sarah King:
Since my 16 year old son, Horace,  transitioned to spirit in December of ‘18 due to a strangulation accident, I found myself constantly seeking spiritual answers about his death and the afterlife.  My  quest quickly led me to podcasts, books, and movies through many internet searches.  Helping Parents Heal kept popping up through many of these, and I felt I’d finally found a tribe who understood my specific grief. HPH gave me strength and hope by showing that THIS was survivable. The leaders of HPH seemed to be not only surviving, but thriving.  I’m  now ready to give hope to others, along with continuing to heal myself. 

Carre Tucker:
I was blessed to be guided to Helping Parents Heal very early on my grief journey and know it changed my healing trajectory.  My son Grant was in an accident at his 12th birthday party and transitioned 6 days later on November 21, 2020. My husband and I immediately began receiving signs from him. On Grant's first birthday in heaven, I had my first reading with an HPH certified medium, Shelly Wilson. The reading was full of "NOE's" (no other explanation) golden nuggets. In fact the reading was so powerful and healing that it lead me to start taking classes and I've been consistently been learning ever since.

Maureen Underhill: 
I am Maureen Underhill and am the proud mother of three beautiful children and two step daughters.

My sweet son, David, a twin, died by suicide at age 26 in 2018. He had an enormous heart and was loved by so many.  My brother sent me a podcast of Suzanne Giesemann, which led me to HPH.  I have always believed in the “principles” of HPH.  Life is so beautiful and so precious and I choose to live for myself, my husband, my children and my 8, soon to be 9 grandchildren.

David gives me continual signs and I speak with him almost daily. On the day he transitioned, a huge flock of white feathers came down from the sky….wow!  Thank you sweet soul. I love you.

I am a Spiritual Director and reside in Louisville, KY.

Learning via zoom and YouTube has been wonderful but I miss the camaraderie and support only found through in person connections. I look forward to meeting other local parents and supporting, learning, transforming and connecting with our kids together. I have no doubt our kids are already hanging out together knowing we'll be meeting soon.

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