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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Peter Lauren's Validation from his daughter, Charlotte, through Britta Nicole

Peter Lauren's Validation from his daughter, Charlotte, through Britta Nicole

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 22
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson
I've been a very fortunate sitter but not a very good sitter as I don't think of things at the time.  At least nobody should be able to claim that hits are from telepathy.  There are some things that I thought Britta Nicole got wrong that were actually right.
  • Britta Nicole said I was an avid bird watcher.  Maybe not so much me but my wife, Robin, has become an avid bird watcher and recently bought a book about bird watching.  She has also set up a bird feeder, in the backyard, and we have moved it around so the squirrels don't get the bird food.  I have noticed that we have had a lot of hawks around the house lately.  They may have chased away the other birds.  At the HPH conference, I asked Charlotte to send me the sign of a seagull.  A seagull in Phoenix would have been something.
  • Regarding the ankle injury.  I have not had one but our son, David, broke his ankle back in September.  he had to wear a brace for six weeks as a result.
  • My wife, Robin, has a clock that she used when she taught from the basement during covid.  It is just as Britta described.
Britta also got the following that were all correct.
  • Daughter in spirit
  • I'm a routine person
  • Projects around the house.  DIY
  • I drove over a very long bridge (Chesapeake Bay Bridge) last week.
  • My need to distribute my wallet contents between two wallets.  Charlotte gave me two wallets but I keep all my cards, etc. in one of them.  The other is in my draw as Britta mentioned.
~Hugs, Peter Lauren
Please watch the Youtube video of Britta and Peter by clicking here.  

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