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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Petra Keough's Validation with her daughter Emilee through Daisy Mae Moore

Petra Keough's Validation with her daughter Emilee through Daisy Mae Moore

  • Posted
    • May
    • 30
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson
Emilee/Daisy Mae Moore
Daisy Mae Moore said a female and the month of March is significant, probably a birthday, Daisy also mentioned Dec being significant as well.
Emilee's birthday is March 2nd and her husband's birthday is December. Daisy also said this female does not have dark hair, she is light haired and Emilee has blonde hair(colored but her natural color was a dark blonde). 
Daisy asked if she had an issue with her jaw or ear, Emilee did not, but when she took her life, it was with a firearm and behind the ear. 
Daisy also said 4pm is significant, I do believe that is about the last time she spoke with her husband that day, also could be the time she had a seizure the day before as well. I believe that helped change a lot for her. 
Daisy said Sunday is significant as well, at the time I could not come up with anything, then I checked the Calendar. Emilee's Celebration of Life was held on a Sunday. 
Daisy also mentioned the month of July being significant, again, I could not think of anything at the time, but the day before Emilee died, she and I were planning a cruise and we had narrowed down the dates to 2 possibilities in the month of July. 
Daisy also stated Emilee shared her death was unexpected, it was...we had no idea, everything changed after her Dr. gave her 60 Lorazepam. Emilee was feeling "miserable" she had just had a surgery and had some health issues, this doctor never should have given her that drug as it CAUSES suicide in teens and young adults. She got the medication Tuesday afternoon(actually 4pm may have been about the time she got it). Wednesday morning at 9am, we were planning a cruise, her search history changed at noon to dark things. She took her life Thursday evening just after I got to her house. 
ALL of us were in shock, she had told her husband how she was feeling, but he didn't take it seriously and did not share it with any of us. Emilee absolutely had a zest for life, she was just feeling down at that time. Daisy shared Emilee said she is at peace.
Daisy asked if her dad has a bald spot, he does, she shared Emilee showed her she picked up his hat and kissed the spot. At 1st I was thinking..well he doesn't wear hats, but he does whenever we are outside in the sun!
Daisy also mentioned a newborn baby girl, our son's girlfriend's cousin just had a little girl 2 months ago. 
The month of October was also mentioned which is my sisters birth month.
Daisy mentioned us being mistaken for sisters and that did happen from time to time when she and I were on cruises together. Emilee also thanked me for keeping her memory going and sharing her.
This is a difficult journey and I am working very hard to believe in life after death and that I will see my Emilee again, I am so thankful to Daisy and to HPH and to the other Mediums who offer these readings.
~Petra Keough, Emilee's mom
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