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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Phyllis Nash's Validation from her son Justin through Beth Lynch

Phyllis Nash's Validation from her son Justin through Beth Lynch

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 17
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Thank you so much for hosting Beth Lynch on April 16th! My son Justin came through with so many validations from the mention of my husband David to the ketchup on my home fries in the morning. Beth also made mention of other heartfelt validations. 

Beth touched on some other validations that only I could know. When Beth said that Justin was bringing her attention to her hand I believe he was talking about my trick thumb that doesn't bend. Another heartfelt one was something about his eye and having pain I told her there was a tattoo close to the corner of his eye that he received as a memorial of his niece my granddaughter who passed at 4 months. She confirmed it when she said my son told her it was a teardrop and that is what he received for a tattoo. It's comforting to know that my Son is so close to me everyday and that we can have these beautiful communications with them. Our children want us to know that they are ok and not to worry. I'm so thankful  for these galaxy readings and hearing from our beautiful children in spirit.

Thank you Beth for doing these zoom readings. You are all a blessing to all of us

~Phyllis Nash

Please watch the YouTube Video by clicking here

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