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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
The Wisdom of Greg - The Reiki Session and the Thunderstorm

The Wisdom of Greg - The Reiki Session and the Thunderstorm

  • Posted
    • Apr
    • 8
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson

Written by Susan Van Oije with Bill and Greg

Bill is just an ordinary guy who has had extraordinary things happen to him since the passing of his son Greg. Susan writes it all down. The Calgary, Canada affiliate leaders are on an amazing journey with their son. 


As is often the case here on Earth, you think you're doing something for a specific purpose - but it turns out the Universe has very different plans.

That's what happened when I arranged a reiki healing session for Bill to help him with his anxiety and arthritis pain. His Guides decided he needed healing that went far beyond the emotional and physical.

It took place in March 2019 and at that point, Bill had been communicating with Greg in vivid dreams and messages received during waking hours for the 4 1/2 years since our son passed at age 27 from the effects of drug abuse. But despite his frequent communication with Greg, Bill was still suffering immensely.

Bill had developed a level of anxiety that left him in coughing fits, and he was in a lot of pain in his hips from rapidly worsening arthritis, to the point where he could barely walk and was not sleeping well.

I became aware through HPH that there are reiki healing practitioners who might be able to help. I learned that reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is an ancient energy healing technique for stress reduction and relaxation that also promotes healing. It's administered by gently placing the hands lightly on or over specific areas on the body, and is based on the idea that an unseen life force energy flows through us. 

I arranged for a 'Reiki with Messages' session with Laurie Savoie, a medium and HPH Secretary, and her daughter, reiki healer Kailee Savoie, that was held in the guest house of their home just outside Scottsdale, Arizona. They knew nothing about us and why we were there, but in an interesting synchronicity, we later learned that they're originally from Calgary, Canada, where we live (we had a winter home in Scottsdale at the time).

As I watched from a nearby couch and took notes, both women performed reiki on Bill as he lay on his back on a massage table with their hands held just above his body and sometimes touching his head, knees and feet to clear energy blockages. Laurie often stopped to write down messages she was getting from Bill's Guides. 

After the session was over, Laurie told us what she had written down, and it was astounding. As she spoke, a huge thunderstorm developed right above us in this peaceful and isolated place in the desert, and unleashed thunder claps and torrential rain that poured down so hard, Bill and I were concerned that our vehicle - parked outside the guest house beside a small dry creek bed that was now flowing like crazy - would be washed away!

Laurie said that as she placed her hands near Bill's head, she heard, "He's processing thoughts over and over. He's thinking 'This makes no sense', round and round, trying to figure things out." We knew this was Bill trying to figure out how Greg could have died from smoking marijuana. After our son passed, we learned that Greg smoked so much marijuana he developed a very little-known condition called cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome that causes nausea, abdominal pain and vomiting. Greg died in his bedroom in a sober house from the resulting electrolyte imbalance. Laurie told us after the session that she constantly felt sick to her stomach.

While working over Bill's eyes, Laurie said she saw smoke, like a smoke screen, and in her mind she heard Bill say, three times, "Why couldn't I see?" (Greg was extremely secretive and hid the severity of his addiction and its effects from us). Then Laurie hears Bill's Guides say, "What was to see? You were not meant to see or know. We see for you. You are not meant to know your life path or lessons."

Then Laurie wrote, "Someone is in the Light. All they are showing me is their silhouette as they stand off to the side. They are here for you but not showing themselves." We later learn this is our son, who is one of Bill's Guides, but Greg purposely hung back because instead of this being about him, he wanted it to be all about his Dad and his healing. (Laurie said several days after the session that she "loved how Greg showed his personality. Joking with me, and not showing himself so he clearly made it all about and for his Dad! Unselfish, loving, full of concern for his Dad. And I loved his 'Hi Mom!' for you, Susan.")

Laurie noted that Bill's Guides are "focusing on healing your head, your brain, for peace, for tranquility for you, for your thoughts, too many thoughts, processing, what ifs, shoulda, woulda, coulda." Then she hears Bill's Guides say, "Out of your control. Yes it is. Life is. You cannot control everything." 

While working at Bill's heart chakra, Laurie said her hands started to shake, and she saw an image of a hammer shattering Bill's heart. Laurie asked in her head, "Who shattered the heart with a hammer?" and she wrote down that it felt like "It's a boy." Then she wrote, "The Guides are showing me they are trying to glue the pieces back together. Forgiveness of yourself is not happening." Laurie didn't know this, but two months before Greg passed, Bill had a heart attack, and his son's passing broke his heart as well.

Bill tells Laurie and Kailee that he's seeing vivid green in his mind's eye (the color associated with the heart chakra), and Laurie wrote, "Guides are working on your heart! Your Guides are saying your heart needs healing. If you are going to go on into life you need to live it, not just exist or be. They showed me you are questioning whether to stay here...The Guides say, 'We want you to be the best you can be for the rest of your days on Earth. You will see your loved ones again at Home, but while you are on Earth you need/deserve to feel, know, be, love and be present. The past cannot be reversed. The past was planned. The past was agreed upon. No matter how ludicrous and insane that may feel, it is Truth. We want only your True Happiness, Bill, Heart and Soul. This is your right. You DO deserve it.'"

Laurie then heard Bill's Guides say, "It is your time for this, your time to heal, your time to shine. Your time to stop analyzing and go with the flow. You deserve happiness, peace. Do you blame yourself for this 'situation'? If so, why? It is bigger than you. Beyond your control. You cannot control everything. We are here to guide you, in this lifetime. It is not always easy, life lessons to be learned, life lessons you chose, hardship and hurt included."

Laurie continued to ask the silhouetted figure to step forward if that's what was needed for Bill's healing, and the reply she hears confirms that this is indeed Greg: "This is my Dad's turn, his time. Focus on him, heal him, he needs it, he deserves it. He deserves to be happy, loved and feel love. He is a great Dad. I just wasn't a great son at times...I want my Dad to have fun, be lighthearted. Get this party started! Life is to be lived, not just existed."

As Laurie spoke and the thunderstorm raged outside, she said this to Bill:  "The Divine is not fooling around with you! It is not your time (to leave the Earth)! The Divine is here, and having me stare at you, look in your eyes, to show you they are serious. This is how serious they are; a torrential downpour for you."

Our son and the Divine pulled out all the stops in an incredible reiki healing session in a thunderstorm.

If you would like to hear more about our amazing experiences, Bill and I have twice spoken to HPH and the videos are available on the HPH YouTube channel: click here HPH welcomed Susan & Bill Van Oije, 'From Wow to How!' ( for our most recent video detailing the beautiful messages Greg gives us about how to live our best life in this very challenging place and grow our souls, and click here On February 3rd, Bill Van Oije spoke to Helping Parents Heal ( for the video in which Bill shares some of the astounding signs we've received from our son.

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