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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
The Wisdom of Greg - There is No Death

The Wisdom of Greg - There is No Death

  • Posted
    • Mar
    • 17
    • 2024
by Elizabeth Boisson
Greg Van Oije, the Shaft of Light photo by Kristin
Bill is just an ordinary guy who has had extraordinary things happen to him since the passing of his son Greg. Susan writes it all down. The Calgary, Canada affiliate leaders are on an amazing journey with their son. 
Six weeks after our son Greg passed at age 27 from the effects of drug abuse, his family and friends gathered at a beautiful spot by a creek near our home to scatter some of his stardust. We each had a small envelope containing his ashes and spoke in remembrance of Greg as we scattered his earthly remains in a place where he had spent so many happy times. The tears flowed like the creek, and soft laughter echoed through the trees.
When it was my turn to remember my son, I stepped forward and, through my tears, I celebrated and honored Greg. I was told afterward that when I started to speak, the sun came out and shone on us all after what had been a grey and overcast day in October. I have no memory of that happening; I was laser-focused on getting through my prepared notes.
I talked to my beloved son in my remarks and I wanted to thank him, because he knew what he had given me and I wanted to share it with those gathered around us on that day. Toward the end of my remarks, I said this to Greg: "Thank you for the gift you have given me: Proof of life beyond death." I remember distinctly that I intentionally let that statement hang there for a few seconds so that everyone heard it and it could sink in.
I knew that some of those gathered by the creek that day almost 10 years ago would think this was just the deluded ramblings of a grief-stricken mother, but I wanted to thank Greg and get it out there that I had undeniable proof from him that there is no death.
Five weeks earlier, Greg had given his Dad and I the most astounding and life-changing sign that he is still with us. We call it the Light Show, and when I was at my lowest point after his passing, Greg came through with lights and symbols that streamed across the shutters in our darkened bedroom. Bill and I watched in awe as our son pulled out all the stops to prove to us that he is still vibrantly alive.
Once you accept that there is no death and really take it to heart - and we all do so at our own pace - the ragged edges of grief become softer. This is where our children in spirit want us to be, a place of deep knowing that we're here as souls in our earthly bodies to learn and grow, and some day, when it's our time and not a millisecond before, we will be with our beloved children again because love is an eternal bond. 
At its core, this is what Helping Parents Heal is all about: reassuring Shining Light Parents that our children are still with us. They are not gone or lost or dead, because there is no death. This knowledge is a life-changing gift of truly epic proportions from our children in spirit. 
On September 7, 2015, Greg's first Angelversary, his Dad and sister Kristin and I went back to the beautiful place where we had scattered his stardust. Kristin took a few photos of the spot as we listened to nature and talked about Greg. Several years later, I decided to finally post a cover photo on my Facebook page and wondered what it would be. I immediately thought of the photos Kristin took on that day. 
At the time the photo was taken, I had no idea what it really depicted, but when I looked at it again almost seven years later with new eyes, I was amazed and thrilled to see a shaft of light shining on the creek where we had placed some of Greg's stardust. He was with us on that day, and always, but it took several years for me to finally see his brilliant light in that photo. What a gift! And when I saved the photo to my computer desktop, I meant to label the photo 'Shaft of Light' but "by mistake" called it 'Shaft of Life'! I like that label even better.
For the last six years, Bill has been automatic writing astounding messages from our son that provide encouragement, love and guidance from the other side. We share many of these messages with other Shining Light Parents, but one recent message in particular offers a lifeline to all parents who wonder if there really is no death.
Bill and I were interviewed a few months ago as part of the interviews of all HPH Affiliate Leaders, and one of the questions each of the Affiliate Leaders was asked is this: 'What are the 3 most important things you wish more bereaved parents knew?'. The morning of our interview, Greg woke up his Dad at 5 a.m. and told him that this is the only message we needed to get across to the parents who will listen to our interview. Bill got up and wrote down what Greg told him: 
"We know there is deep loss when you lose a child in the physical. We also know there is a universal law that says that what you think and feel, you manifest. We also know we are eternal. So it makes sense that after a loss we move forward to acceptance of the loss, for that cannot be altered. This acceptance leads to a higher vibration and thinking and feelings. This higher vibration aids in us being able to connect and have a relationship with our departed child on the other side, until we are again reunited with our child and all our departed loved ones. It's beautiful. We never die. Think of your child as being on vacation in a better place, until you meet up again."
There is no death. 
If you would like to hear more about our amazing experiences, Bill and I have twice spoken to HPH and the videos are available on the HPH YouTube channel: click here HPH welcomed Susan & Bill Van Oije, 'From Wow to How!' - YouTube for our most recent video detailing the beautiful messages Greg gives us about how to live our best life in this very challenging place and grow our souls, and click here for the video in which Bill shares some of the astounding signs we've received from our son.
~Written by Susan Van Oije with Bill and Greg

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