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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Valerie Maerowtiz's Validation with her son, Daniel

Valerie Maerowtiz's Validation with her son, Daniel

  • Posted
    • Aug
    • 11
    • 2023
by Elizabeth Boisson

Where do I begin? What a night, indeed! Incredible meeting – thank you, thank you, thank you…Beth Lynch, Elizabeth, Irene, and everybody in this group.

I was elated on how specific and accurate Beth was on her first connection with the guitar/drums/young man and later his friend Amy Winehouse, thinking “how is it even possible? Just Wow”.  So, in awe, I continued listening as EVERY READING FOR EVERY PARENT brings me so much joy and helps me fight my uncertainties when it comes to a concept of an afterlife.

So Beth starts talking about Marcus… My husband is Mark and one of his close friends called him “Markus-Parkus” (friend’s name is Daniel, just like my son’s in spirit). I did not respond in the chat because I did not want to hijack another parent’s reading as I know how much comfort can bring and I felt name connection alone was far-fetched. But when Beth said NASA, I almost lost it. Still not sure how I was able to type my response because my fingers were shaking so badly. My son Daniel was all about NASA. I have included the photo of his bedspread, that at this time is covered with NASA “paraphernalia”. The fact that I was planning to sleep in Daniel’s room that night and had to move the NASA stickers because my husband was prepping for a medical procedure and would be up all night, just sealed it for me. I also wanted to mention that I had terrible time going into Daniel’s room for quite some time after his transition (Beth mentioned it to another parent at some point), but now I am comfortable enough even to sleep in his bed. After NASA connection, validations just kept on pouring in for my rocket scientist, my aspiring aerospace engineer, by brilliant and amazing son Daniel:

  1. When Beth interlaced her fingers, I knew it was Daniel talking about how short his and mine fingers were; complaining that he did not inherit larger hands from his father. In fact, that was Daniel’s excuse why, despite his love for music, he refused to learn to play piano or guitar (we had both instruments at our house). And it sounded just like him, when Beth said that Daniel was commenting on superb music skills of the young man from the previous reading with: “Dude, you are great” and, of course, not omitting great Amy Winehouse: ”You are also great, Amy”. Daniel has always been very funny, encouraging to others and so polite and proper. I guess he still is 😊.
  2. Then Beth talked about a white or a chalk board: my daughter has a small white board in her room to jot down tasks for the day/month as her concentration has not been so great after her big brother’s passing.  
  3. I was pleased to hear that Daniel said for me not to worry, that he is OK because now, as I have come to accept the fact that his soul is immortal, I keep on agonizing over the query that what if he has to relive the pain of similar torturous (in his eyes) life that he ended himself, out of great despair and pain in order to learn some kind of a soul lesson. I guess he is instructing me to put my worries to rest. I will try to do so.
  4. Further, of course my hypochondriac Daniel had to talk about his leg. He had an indentation on his sheen from a fall many years ago. He just would not let be and obsessed over it, prompting me to take him to my work, get an X-ray and have my friend radiologist explain to him that it was nothing to worry about (I really was ashamed to take him to his pediatrician with this complaint and he did not trust my medical opinion on that matter). I also went for my way overdue physical 2 days ago with chief complaint about Morton neuroma that I now have from excessively walking with my dog. So here we go for legs/feet.
  5. Speaking of dogs: I don’t know anyone by the name Henry that Beth was referring to, but I am including the picture I took yesterday: a cute working doggie that tends to the herd of goats on the hill next to our house that HOA brings in annually for weed abatement to prevent fires in dry South Cal. I called him Henry (I really don’t think this is his actual name – would be too funny he is really Henry), but in my mind it is and I told my friend about goats and “Henry” as we detoured to look at them on our evening dog walk.
  6. Pizza connection was significant too, although any good food was sacred for my boy - he loved to eat😊. His sister worked at Blaze pizza and frequently Daniel would stop on his way home from his summer internship with Department of Defense (he contributed to a development of the missiles/rockets as part of in the last summer he spent at home) to get free personal pizzas to take home. And, yes, I asked Daniel to mention rocket (NASA qualifies?) to Beth in order for me to know it is him communicating tonight.
  7. And last, but not least… the eyebrow reference just made me laugh so hard. Both Daniel and I have bushy eyebrows and it was a running joke in the family to call either one of us “Brezhnev” after a former general secretary of the former Soviet Union (where I am originally from; Brezhnev too had very distinct eyebrows that Daniel always made fun off). During COVID, when I constantly had to wear mask at work, every time I would look into the mirror I would see Daniel’s eyes (despite his uncanny resemblance to his father), with our shared trait – eyebrows…

I believe there is an actual reason you could not find my previous email to you from 2 weeks ago… I listened again to recording of Beth’s reading yesterday, and it is so obvious that I totally missed another validation from Daniel that needed to be included in HPH letter. When Beth was done with giving messages to me and tried to move on to another parent mentioning Lou or Louis, I totally ignored it. No parent could take this reference because it was meant for me. My Daniel passed in a small university town of San Luis Obispo where he was student at Cal Poly… Simply amazing!

It was such a gift, I cannot thank you enough. I continued to listen, was so happy to keep on hearing such accurate accounts from other kiddos… Was thrilled to see Sue Peterson, Dylan’s mom, to get her reading. Both of our boys gave a history of showing up in readings together. Not a coincidence. And the following morning, on yet another long walk with my dog, I found a hat on a concrete wall in the park (not beach) and was thinking that maybe this the hat Beth was trying to locate a parent who can relate. Just a thought.  

Please watch the Youtube by clicking here

~Love to all, Valerie and Daniel

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