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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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David Router is from Australia/Online


Healer, Spiritual Teacher


Carol Allen:

Hello, my name is Carol Allen, I have been a member of Helping Parents Heal since May of 2015 when my beautiful 19-year- old son, Tyler Allen, gained his angel wings in a tragic accident.

I was fortunate to win a raffle at the Helping Parents Heal meeting in June. The prize was a three-day workshop taught by David Router to help master our life energy. My 24-year- old son TJ attended the seminar with me as well. TJ has struggled this past year terribly and has not been able to deal with the grief of losing his younger brother. They were all very close.

Shortly after Tyler’s passing, TJ had some psychic experiences and saw his brother. However it only lasted a few months, and his grief blocked any ability for him to communicate with Tyler; that is until we attended David’s workshop.

On the final day of the workshop, as we left TJ told me that he had the most incredible spiritual experience of his life. David taught him to clear his negative blockages to enable him to communicate with Tyler. During the last session, TJ said that numerous events flashed before him and he was able to clearly see Tyler pick him up and carry him to a safe place one night after he had passed out in an alley. He also saw Tyler take the wheel of his car and keep him safe after he had an accident and totaled his car a few months ago. The police officer stated that he couldn’t believe that TJ walked away without a scratch.

Tyler said, “We are still a family now and forever, I will always be there, someday when it is your time, you will understand.” Lastly, he said, “Tell mom thank you for cleaning my room.” I had spent the day cleaning his room; TJ was completely unaware of this. We were both crying as he told me all of these things. I do not have the same abilities as TJ, however, I can say that as I have continued to practice the exercises that David taught me during the workshop, I have noticed that my intuition seems stronger, and I have a stronger sense of inner peace.

David explained that like working with weights, results would get better and better with time and the continuation of the exercises that David taught me. I will be able to lead a happier and more fulfilling life even though I have endured the most horrific thing that any parent can go through. David Router is incredible, and I am very grateful.

Lilla Swanson:

Just weeks after her high school graduation, my daughter Alex graduated again. A car accident ended her life on Earth in July 2011 as she was on her way to start college at Northern Arizona University.

The days following her death were the most painful, desperate days in my life. Who or what was standing on my chest, making me feel unable to breathe? The monster known as grief produced a chronic pain in my heart and left me numb and debilitated.

I found David Router, a Master Energy Healer, based in Noosa, Australia. The day after our first session, I had no anxiety or sadness; I was happy and joyfully anticipating what fun things I could do that day. I discovered a glimpse of what my future could hold. I continued to work with David weekly and through his guidance, reconnected to my self-love and intuition to watch for messages from Alex and to self-heal my grief.  is that he only wants to teach you to be responsible for your own energy. Once you build your skills and are in a place where you can live a life with more joy, your work with David is complete.

Through the energy work, I replaced sadness and loss with self-love and gratitude. I released all of the negative energy that was inside of me. This work changed my life. I knew that Alex was instrumental in bringing me to David as she knew I would have never had the patience to be disciplined in doing the work on my own.  The comfort I feel from having the connection to Alex comes in many forms.  She brings me signs much more regularly than before as I am more open to her messages and our connection is much stronger. I can actually feel her around me when I need some guidance and support through a difficult day and I feel her hugging me.  She reminds me of the importance of forgiveness when I am hurt and I quickly changes my focus to gratitude.

A short time ago, I received a very clear message from her one morning on waking. She told me she was proud of me, and the work that I have done.  Alex is guiding me on this journey of healing from grief over her loss.

Terri Petz:

I have had the great honor of working David Router for the past couple of months. David is an energy healer from Australia. He uses a unique modality to assist people in understanding their energy, and ground and protect our energy sources from negative sources. David is kind and compassionate and has helped me to heal not only my heavy grief but to let go of many years of collecting unwanted energies. I feel stronger, and am using his techniques to self-heal when old negative things pop up, or when around other’s negative energies. It has also opened up my intuitive gifts, and empowered me to move beyond my self-imposed limitations and fear and to move forward in my life feeling empowered. I can’t say enough about the change that occurred following my sessions. If you are living with grief, this method will help you to heal in a profound way. My hope is that many more will learn from David!

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