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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Elizabeth Boisson

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Elizabeth Boisson is from Arizona/Online


Online Yoga: Flow, Power, Yin, Stretch, Yoga Nidra


Elizabeth has four beautiful children, two of whom are in Spirit: Chelsea, who passed when she was two days old in France, and Morgan, who transitioned at the Base Camp of Mount Everest in Tibet while on a university exchange program when he was 20 years old. She also has two beautiful daughters: Alix, 30, and Christine, 28. Elizabeth is also the Affiliate Leader of the Phoenix/Scottsdale group and a Caring Listener. She attended and taught at UNC - Chapel Hill for both undergraduate and graduate school and the Université Paul Valéry in Montpellier, France. Elizabeth is the author (with other members of Helping Parents Heal) of Life to Afterlife - Helping Parents Heal, The Book. She is also a certified yoga instructor and teaches healing yoga. She has taught Yoga classes at yoga studios, fitness centers and libraries for the past 8 years.

Since 2020, she has been teaching Yoga by Zoom M-F at 8 am AZ time, and the classes are posted online as well.  The classes include Flow, Yin, Yoga Nidra and Power Yoga and cost $15 per month.  If a parent would like to attend and cannot afford to pay, please reach out. For more information, her email is: Join her FB Yoga group here


Nancy Hejna:

I may not need to say anything beyond just how wonderful it is to start the day listening to the uplifting, joyful voice of Elizabeth Boisson, but there’s so much more!  Elizabeth is, without exaggeration, the best yoga instructor I’ve had in 30-plus years of practice. I finish a session knowing I’ve done something very good for my body, heart & soul. Her Zoom class came along as I was searching for a “yoga home” after the shut down of local in-person classes due to the pandemic - an incredible silver-lining gift. Elizabeth is knowledgeable, encouraging, challenging at just the right level, and offers my favorite vinyasa flow along with other styles. Always gentle, always with a modification at the ready, Elizabeth’s class seems suitable for the beginner and more experienced yogi and .... well, it’s Elizabeth! 

~Nancy Hejna, Shining light mom to Will & Joey

Lynn Hollahan:

I have had the privilege of practicing yoga with Elizabeth Boisson for over 5 years, first when she held a free weekly yoga class at the local library, and then when she started her on-line instruction in July, 2020.  It was just what my body and mind needed in the middle of a pandemic.  Not only do I get to connect with a wonderful group of people five days a week, but it provides a routine and something to look forward to. 

Elizabeth keeps every day fresh with a variety of yoga types….Flow, Yin and Yoga Nidra.  She gives options for all levels of abilities, even if you’ve never done yoga before!  Elizabeth’s positive, upbeat personality shines through and I always leave the class feeling better both mentally and physically. 

~ Lynn Hollahan, Shining Light mom of Devon

Heide Mairs:

I look forward every weekday morning to yoga with Elizabeth. It lifts my spirits to hear her encouraging voice and to see the smiling faces of the other participants. There’s a little time to check in before and after so we’ve  able to  check in on each other through sickness, bad weather etc, As an active athlete, I have immensely improved my mobility in my hips, back and shoulders, as well as balance as a result of her classes. I appreciate the variety in the classes, alternating  between flow and yin. And if I miss one I can do it later in the day! My favorite part is that my cat Zorro gets ready ever day just before class starts and waits for me by my yoga mat!

~Heide Mairs, Shining Light mom of Chip

Carol Allen:
I met Elizabeth shortly after my son Tyler passed when she attended his service. Elizabeth’s daughter Christine knew my son Tyler. I can say with everything in me that Elizabeth became my lifeline! I call her my earth Angel. I learned so much from her regarding the afterlife, which I am forever grateful for. She gave me so many tools to help me, including books, meditation and YOGA!
I started yoga by attending her classes at the library. Funny thing is I didn’t think I liked yoga (I had taken other classes prior to Tyler’s crossing to the other side).  Elizabeth explained how beneficial yoga is for mind body and soul. Needless to say I became obsessed with it. Elizabeth is by far the best yoga instructor I have ever had and since then I have attended other instructors classes and they don’t compare. I feel such a sense of connection and inner peace since doing yoga and the added benefit of course is that I am in the best shape of my life. Her class is perfect for all. It doesn’t matter if you are brand new or have done yoga for many years. I cannot believe the strength and flexibility that I now possess. Her beauty and sweetness radiates through her practice. I highly recommend my dear shining light earth Angel.
~Carol Allen - Shining Light mom of Tyler
Janean Quigley:
Elizabeth’s yoga class is wonderful for all levels.  Her instruction is so clear and easy to follow.  I have seen a huge difference in my mobility and strength in the few months that I have been taking the class.  I was having hip pain daily before and it is gone now which allows me so much more flexibility to do all of the outdoor activities that I love.  I really appreciate that she has a regular schedule of flow M, W, F and yin T, Th with a little more challenging  Friday class for the end of the week. 
The convenience of being able to jump into class from home 5 min before it starts is an added bonus.  Another great bonus is taking yoga class with you on vacation.  You can do it live or with the replay video that she posts on her Facebook page.  I highly recommend this healing health boosting class for anyone. 
~Janean Quigley - Shining Light mom of Sean
Galen Call:
I highly recommend this class! It has been the best solution for me since July 2020 when there was no access to a local studio. Each day brings a different practice style, always beautifully guided by Elizabeth who caters to new and experienced yogis alike. I love it and I am so grateful to have the easy access  in a zoom class 5 days a week. We breath, we flow, we restore and the end result is always the feeling of  a refreshing start to my day.  Thank you Elizabeth for bringing your yoga  practice  to us all!
~Galen Call, Shining Light mom of Weston
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