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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

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Marla Grant is from Tampa/Online


Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist


As a young woman in my twenties, I could never have imagined that life would throw such immense challenge at me. I was tested time and again as, over a period of 38 years, I experienced the devastating loss of three of my five children, all at different ages and from very different causes. Over the years I have been continually supported and inspired through my recovery by my spiritual support team outside of the world of form, as well as by my children who have passed – baby Shane, Nicole and Ryan. Our unseen helpers are indispensable and I’ve come to understand that their influence fills us with inspiration to claim healing and a joyful quality of life, in spite of loss. I know, also, that additional steps here in the world of form are immensely helpful, so when met with challenge, I always ask, “What is this for?” The answer for me has been to help others who want to complete the emotional pain of loss and still retain the loving fond memories of their loved one. I do this through my work as an Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist as I help parents discover that a joyful quality of life and a peaceful heart is indeed possible. To learn more about this amazing, evidence-based program, please click here to arrange a free 30-minute consultation.

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Amy Diehl:

Marla brings such deep wisdom and compassion to her work with the pain and trauma of terrible grief. Through her own personal tragedies as well as her extensive studies, she is truly gifted in helping those who have lost loved ones find relief and closure; she helps you find the way to address your pain and make peace with it. I have worked with Marla as a Helping Parents Heal chapter co-leader for many years and seen her gently guide so many hurting parents through those horrible, traumatic early days after their child passed, into a place of balance and eventually acceptance.   I have also worked with her as a student seeking to process my own grief and to heal the scars it has left behind. Through her Grief Recovery work, she helped me become aware of things I could not have found on my own and through those “ah ha” discoveries, find great release. I highly recommend working with Marla if you are ready to look deeper into what is holding you back from finding relief and even joy again in your life.   

Elaine Molyneux:

Marla is an amazing woman and an inspiration to me and so many others. After my son Nick passed suddenly, I desperately wanted to join him; however, I have a surviving son that I had to learn to live for. I was totally overwhelmed with this prospect and could barely function. With Marla’s guidance, I now live a joy filled life and so does my son. What I love about Marla is that she does not make it easy or do the work for me. When I need her guidance, she is there with her positive spirit and bright smile. I have witnessed so many people flourish under Marla’s gentle guiding wings. We have all learned from her that staying positive and setting an intention to heal and find joy again, is the way to live. She leads by example in a way that is quite difficult to put into words. If you have the chance to work with Marla, you are in for a life changing experience. I am an example of how a person can go from sheer devastation to living a full and happy joy filled life. Marla is an amazing human being who I am proud to know. I would not be where I am today without her influence and guidance. For this I thank her from the bottom of my heart. Because of Marla, I am a very proud Shining Light Mum!

Laura Sehres:

Two years after the death of my son, and only child, I started the Grief Recovery Method with Marla.  I thought I was doing okay and people commending me on my strength and ability to still be successful in life.  But, I was harboring such immense deep pain in my heart.  I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to my son and I felt tremendous guilt as a Mom that something I did along the parenting path led my son to his death.  Through the work with Marla, I came to realize that saying goodbye wasn’t saying goodbye to my son, but saying goodbye to all those unresolved emotional pieces of the relationship with my son.  All the things I never said - the I’m sorries, or I forgive you.  Or simply how much I love him and how much it meant to me to be his Mom.  At the end of the program, I found a peace in my heart that I hadn’t known since my son passed and, to be honest, don’t think I had ever known.  I now have space in my heart to feel even more of the love I have for my son and can actually look at his picture and smile while feeling the love we share.  Thank you, Marla, for this new lease on life.  This doesn’t mean I will never be sad again or be in pain again.  It just means that I am better equipped to ride those waves since the pain in my heart isn’t as deep. 


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