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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent

About Mary Bertun

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Mary Bertun is from Wisconsin/Online


Spiritual Coach, Spiritual Teacher


I am an instructor and writer. My 19 year old son Chas took his life and passed on April 3, 2012. Deep grief, healing and spiritual growth are all part of my journey forward. Chas is always with me, and I hope to help other parents who have suffered the loss of a child. I have attended a Serving Spirit class with messenger of hope Suzanne Giesemann and continue to attend her webinars.

I believe that if we share our experiences, resources for healing such as Suzanne, and celebrate the life of our children, we will move onto pathways of light and love. I am honored to be leading a Helping Parents Heal chapter in Madison, Wisconsin and honored to be meeting other parents.


Alicia Moag-Stahlberg:

Mary Bertun’s “The 21 Day Doorway Across the Veil” is a wonderful workbook that provides guidance on how to connect with our loved ones in Spirit. From using the “The 21 Day Doorway Across the Veil” workbook, I have developed a daily habit of connecting with my daughter Kirsten (Kiki). The workbook provided me with a process for receiving and recording messages from Kiki.  The workbook messages gave me the encouragement I needed along with guidance towards greater self-compassion and gratitude. The class offered provided opportunities to practice and to hear messages other parents received from their children. Over time, this process has led me to deeper communications with Kiki. I am very grateful for these tools. - Alicia and Kiki Stahlberg

Donna Bullwinkle:
I can confidently say that I highly recommend working with Tava Wilson as grief counselor. She, like all of us here, is learning to experience the world differently with the transition of one or more of our children. She has walked in our shoes.  She knows where we are coming from and where we want to "go". She can identify and understand the struggles we feel.
This is not easy work. At times it is overwhelming as we need to face difficult memories and feelings.  Talking with Tava is easy. I feel very comfortable sharing my experiences, feelings, fears and emotions with her.  Tava offers concrete exercises and constructive advice to deal with my grief, both during our sessions and on my own in between our meetings. We are creating a personal  "toolbox" for me to use when I am faced with triggers. She also focuses on the joyful, fun memories I have with my son and processing those in a special way so they are the first ones I see/feel when I am faced with triggers.
My son Pete often participates in our sessions. She has felt his presence and has guided Tava in some of our work. It is so comforting to know that Pete is participating in my healing journey through Tava and I know he is proud. It feels as is the three of us are working together as a team. 
Working with Tava will provide skills to move from living a life focused around the grief of our "loss"  to a life centered around healing and sharing life with our loved one in a "different" way.
Candy Morrison Jackson:

I have found Mary Bertun's HPH practice sessions along with her book "The 21 Day Doorway Across The Veil" to be among the most healing tools on my journey of moving through grief towards restoration. I was fortunate to have stumbled upon Mary's book among the enormous sea of books for the bereaved on Amazon, just a few weeks after my daughters passing. Whatever led me to that particular book and her work was divine intervention. Mary, along with her son Chas have created a very effective method of directly connecting to our kids. Mary and Chas are wonderful coaches as they patiently and gently nudge us to open our hearts and invite a direct connection to our beloveds. I have attended many Zooms, read countless books, worked with several Mediums, yet nothing has brought me as close to my daughter as the methods taught by Mary and Chas. I have come to realize that our kids are extremely good at this. And when we turn the reins over to them, invite them in, and allow them to reach us they most certainly will. I'm extremely grateful to Mary and Chas for guiding us to a higher understanding of what it takes to reach our children across the veil.

Cathie Westdyk:

After the devastating “loss” of my 22 year old son Christopher I was completely shattered, heartbroken and longing for communication with him.  I had the good fortune of being connected to Mary through a mutual friend and  introduced to her amazing book and Zoom class “The 21 Day Doorway Across the Veil” early in my journey.  During the class, we closely followed the book’s exercise in a group format.  The results for me and for everyone in the class were nothing less than stunning.  Within 21 days, I was able to not only find my son, but communicate with him for what now has become a daily connection practice for us.  This practice has been life changing and convinced me beyond a shadow of a doubt that death is an illusion, love never dies, and life continues beyond the veil.  Also, my grief has been greatly diminished as I communicate more and more with Chris. In addition to the class exercises, Mary provides incredible personal spiritual coaching and insight about our journeys that are invaluable towards healing.  I highly recommend Mary’s class and book to anyone who is looking to further a connection to their child in spirit.   – Cathie and Chris Westdyk

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