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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Beth Bobier's Validation with Mia through Isabella Johnson

Beth Bobier's Validation with Mia through Isabella Johnson

  • Posted
    • May
    • 9
    • 2019
by Elizabeth Boisson

My husband Jeff and I attended our first HPH meeting on Sunday, February 10th. Our daughter Mia died Wednesday, February 6th. I had heard about the group previously from a special needs mom group I am in and just remembered it the day after she died and saw that there was a meeting that week. I didn’t expect there to be readings from a medium - I just thought it was more of a support group meeting that day. Evidential Medium Isabella Johnson was the speaker that day and when said that she would be doing readings my heart dropped into my stomach. I thought there was no way we would get a message from her today it was too soon right? I had just come from the mortuary where I spent 2 hours with my daughter singing to her, cutting a lock of hair, and just memorizing every detail of her. I also begged her to connect with me somehow soon.

After maybe 3 or 4 readings Isabella stopped by us and asked if anyone had recently lost a daughter. We said we had and she proceeded to give us so many messages from Mia - all of which were spot on! She said “mom look at my nails” wanted me to see she had painted nails- I had wanted to paint them before they took her to the mortuary but we wanted to just hold her so I didn’t. She said she was very “little girl like” - she was 12 with Cerebral palsy - didn’t walk or talk, liked stuffed animals, Elmo etc. she said she is doing all this new development that she is excited about and getting lots of help with. I assume this is her catching up - walking, talking, playing- all the things she couldn’t do here.

She said “you are my sunshine “ her favorite song we sand every night. She said she knew I was in her bed and to put something over the pillow so I don’t get tears and it keeps her smell. She is so happy and doesn’t understand why everyone can’t just be happy - Mia was always smiling and happy and so sweet- known for always being happy. Said she is in 6th grade loves school and so excited about her handwriting. She loved school so much and could not write so I can imagine she would be so excited to participate. She said the boys are aggravating but will help you get through this- Mia has 2 younger brothers - she was often annoyed by them - ha! The sense of comfort we had while leaving that meeting was amazing. I could not believe the details. We are so excited that our girl came through and have so much hope of the relationship that we can now have with her in the future. I am so glad we found 
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-Written by Mia's Mom, Beth Bobier 

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