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Sharing the Journey from Bereaved to Shining Light Parent
Katie and Jim Brewer's Validation with their son Reid

Katie and Jim Brewer's Validation with their son Reid

  • Posted
    • May
    • 10
    • 2019
by Elizabeth Boisson

Dear Jake,

It has been almost 10 months since you did a reading for me and my husband. The reading was such a healing moment in our lives. And yet, we never thanked you or gave you any feedback. I suppose so early in our grief, we just existed and couldn't function like "normal" people. For about 2 weeks now, I have felt such a tug in my heart to reach out to you. I feel the urge to share "our side of the reading" with you. I hope that you don't feel obligated to read this immediately, but rather read this when you yourself need that confirmation that you are healing others with your gift.

10 months after losing our 7-year-old son to cancer, we reached out to you for a reading after we had attended the first Helping Parents Heal conference in Arizona. The conference was our first introduction to mediumship and afterlife discussions. My husband was actually quite upset when I shared some of the topics of discussion. I did not grow up with a religious background, yet my husband had. He was a faithful, yet silent believer in God, the Bible and all of the major Christian beliefs. Throughout our son's illness, he talked to God, while I talked to doctors and researchers. I prefer objective facts, while my husband just "believed". I had never even thought about what occurred after death until I lost my son. Sometime after his passing, I picked up a book by Dr. Gary Schwartz. And then one by Dr. Mark Pitstick. And Dr. Mary Neal. And Dr. Raymond Moody. Do you see where I am going with this? I felt that "scientific" minded individuals such as medical doctors and scientists were much more credible than anyone else making any afterlife claims. They have reputations to lose by making outrageous claims.  I wanted to know if it could be proved that the soul or "something" continued to exist after death. And so I reserved my spot at the Helping Parents Heal Conference to hear some of these scientific claims for myself. I was not entirely interested in the medium's claims, and my husband was even less interested.

After watching the mediums present, I won't say that our eyes were "opened", but it was certainly an intriguing thought.  So several months after the conference, I built up the courage to ask my husband for a reading. I was worried about what he would think of me. But he agreed, so I asked my friend Irene Vouvalides, whom I had only met on facebook because of the HPH conference, for a recommendation. When she gave your name, I reminded my husband that we had watched you present and we had to fight for seating because it was packed. 

In the weeks leading up to our reading, I was consumed with thoughts of proof and evidence. How will I know that you really were communicating with my son? What if you found our social media accounts? Should I come up with a test word or something? I did everything I could think of to prevent you from finding our online presence. I used an email account that I rarely used to book you. I used my PayPal account with my maiden name. I gave you no indication of who we had lost. I kept all correspondence with you as brief as possible. 

I did focus my thoughts on one topic, hoping that my 'proof' would come through. My son's name is Reid. I asked Reid to give proof of his name. To show a book or of someone reading. That would be a sign to me but would seem insignificant or general to someone else. I won't recite our entire reading, but here are the statements that you made, all within the first 5 minutes of the reading:
(In discussing Reid's grandmother) "I see your son reading to her" There is something in that; his reading seems to be pretty significant. "I get visions of a school and books," "I get the sense of him in a library running down the aisles."

It was at this point that I told you that his name is Reid. If I had to pick out the most convincing information provided from our reading, this is certainly it. Even as you were reading, you didn't understand the significance of it. You thought it was about him learning to read, or loving school, but it had so much more meaning than you knew. Many other things were said that were just as accurate, however, my 'proof' was exactly what I needed to hear. 

Finally, I must admit that I put you through a test about 6 months later. My sister, who was also very close to my son, had expressed a desire to get a reading and potentially hear from Reid. I told her that as much as I believed that you were genuine, I still felt that there could have been even better precaution measures to take, to truly ensure that you could not be doing a 'hot reading.' That's the funny thing about doubt; it creeps its ugly head the further out you get from an event. "Did I remember that correctly?" "What if...." So I told my sister that when she booked a reading, that I would help her make it truly anonymous.  I insisted that she book with you, to test you. I made the statement numerous times to her and my husband. " The best possible proof would be if Jake recognizes that he had met this spirit before."  If you truly could not connect her to us, then it would be an outrageous claim to recognize a spirit from a previous reading. 
Well, you did not recognize him during my sister's reading. You identified him accurately but did not make any claims of recognition or familiarity. Until halfway through her reading. And then you gave even more than we had hoped. "I am being told that I have met him before. That I have read him and we have spoken before."

You made a statement about reading hundreds of spirits and not recognizing all of them. I even think you apologized for not recognizing him. But in not recognizing him, you proved to us once again, that he was really there. You allowed him to tell you something that you did not and could not have known. 

I want to offer my sincerest thanks for giving us the greatest gift we have ever received. A gift of hope that our sweet boy carries on and that we will be together again someday. We have begun to heal from our loss and have created a nonprofit organization in Reid's honor, Team Reid Charities. We have raised over $60,000 to go towards a splash park for our local community to serve as a memorial to Reid. We continue to raise funds for childhood cancer research. We also supplied all 16 rooms on the pediatric oncology floor with XBox Ones and dozens of games for our local children's hospital. We have turned our grief into a way to keep our sweet boy's memory alive and help others. 
I have attached two photos of our precious light. We have registered for the next HPH conference in South Carolina and look so forward to seeing you once again in person and relaying our gratitude for your gift.  Thank you so very much for bringing us closer to our son. We cannot thank you enough.

-With permission from Katie and Jim Brewer, Parents of Reid James Brewer  

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